So Close To Yours (+18) Ch.3

Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung (Ugly Duck) ft. Harry (Ph-1)

What: Romance. Mystery. Crime. Drama. You’ll need the 18+ warning

Story: A chance meeting sounds like fate playing tricks on your life...


You looked at Ju Kyung in pure shock that he was at your front door. You had seen him last when you were twenty-three. He had the same beard from when you two met and he had the same demeanor. You two didn’t date long, if you could even call it dating. A few times while you were in college you two hooked up before you dropped out. You dropped out for other reasons, but the main reason was because you had gotten pregnant.

Your parents weren’t too happy with that either. They were pissed that you were silly enough to waste your future away by getting pregnant by someone you barely knew. You knew his name but not his background at least not a lot of it. You didn’t care about his story and he didn’t care about yours that was a part of the allure. You were young, but you were determined to keep your baby. Bomi was happy about it too, despite your parents’ disapproval. Bomi saw it as your first act of rebellion because she considered you too safe. She was the wild child; the free spirit and she tried her best to free you from your state of responsibility and needing to be her role model.

Bomi was free to be the reckless young child that she was. Your parents favored her over you even though they tried not to show it, but it was obvious. They adopted you because they thought they couldn’t have kids, and then wouldn’t you know it baby Bomi was into the world. A little girl that came from their own flesh and blood, she shared their DNA that was special. You never really knew how you ended up in an orphanage Gwangju and you would probably never know. You didn’t care to ask questions about the past, you preferred to look forward.

Bomi was something special, she was a free spirit that couldn’t be tamed. You loved her like she was your flesh and blood and she was attached to your hip. Your parents saw you as the protector. You were to take care of Bomi and make sure she was safe and to be a good example for her. You were the older sister it was just expected of you. You could live with that, you liked having a little sister, someone to watch over and take care of. Someone that looked up to you.

It made your heart break more thinking about how out of her life you were. You were too stubborn to ever talk to her or call her up and tell her you had forgiven her. You were so deep in your own grief you didn’t want to remember being pregnant. Your sister was a reminder that you were going to have a baby. She was a reminder that you had lost the baby.

She actually had a baby.....with Ju Kyung no less.

This wasn’t fair, that she had, had a child by the same guy you had gotten pregnant by. It felt like some cruel joke in the universe. She didn’t know about Ju Kyung though, you never told anyone about him and even when your parents grilled you on his name you never told them what it was. He was a secret even to Bomi. You didn’t want anyone to know about him and to be honest you hadn’t planned on telling Ju Kyung that he had gotten you pregnant either.

The night you lost the baby had broken you down far too much for you to even think about anything else. Seeing other people with children was beautiful but you always felt the sadness that came in right after that. Ju Kyung stood outside the door and said,

“Y/n. I didn’t know—Bomi—she was you sister?”

You just nodded without knowing what else to say. He stepped inside cautiously, and you backed up to let him in. Yong Nam came around the corner and told you he was ready. You turned back to look at him and said,

“Okay, why don’t you go over to Holli’s for a second and see if she’ll let you walk Goo today.”

“Are you okay?” Yong Nam asked.

“Yeah buddy, just go ahead. I’ll be out soon.”

He nodded but the look on his face made you very aware that he knew something was wrong with you. He walked past Ju Kyung who offered him a smile and a wave, and he just nodded with a slight smile of his own before heading out the door.

“Is that a younger brother?” Ju Kyung asked.

“He’s my son.” you answered with your eyes to the ground.

The silence made you look up and he had a weird look on his face. You shook your head and went to grab Yong Hwan’s bag.

“What have you been doing all this time?” he asked.

“Please let’s not exchange pleasantries Ju Kyung. I really—just don’t have the energy for it.” You said.

He nodded and looked at Yong Hwan in your arms. He looked back up at you, something in his demeanor made you wonder if he was nervous. You didn’t know what was wrong with him, but you could feel your blood rushing, seeing him again, of all people. This was too much all at once, you just wanted to press restart and tell Harry to keep the kid and not bring him around you ever.

“So what did she name him?” he asked.

You stood up straight for a moment and turned to look at him confused.

“What?” you said.

“What’s his name?” he asked again.

“Are you telling me you didn’t know that Bomi was pregnant? You’ve never seen your son?”

He shook his head. The reality of how alone Bomi was through all of that hurt more. She probably didn’t reach out to you because she knew it would’ve hurt you. It was almost like a slap in the face for her to have a baby and you to lose yours because of her. You still would’ve helped her though, you were hurt but you weren’t cruel and unreasonable. She needed someone, she needed you, her big sister and she couldn’t even count on that. It hurt so much.

“Where were you when Bomi got pregnant, why didn’t you know?” You asked.

“She just quit one day and moved out of the place she was staying. I couldn’t get a hold of her. I didn’t know that Harry was even talking to her otherwise I would’ve found a way for us to meet.”

“Harry said your parents didn’t approve of your relationship.” you said angry.

“They don’t approve of a lot of the things I do in my social life. Mom is even harder to make happy, she’s a socialite, everything and everyone has to agree with her pedigree otherwise they’re trash. Bomi was a good worker and she helped us get what we needed done. She was valuable as an employee but nothing else to my mother.”

“What the hell was she to you?” You bit at him.

He sighed,

“She was my friend, my real friend. She was the only one that I could open up to. I could just be—normal around her. She was wild, and I liked that.”

“You opened up to her?” you asked sadly.

He nodded,

“Yeah, the way I wanted to open up to you. You just—kept me out.” He said.

“I had my reasons.” You said.

“I know you did—that didn’t mean I didn’t want to be with you. It was just a fling for us right? That’s all you wanted.”

“That’s all I needed at the time.”

The theme of Bomi’s personality was her wildness, everyone loved that she had no rules or designs on who she should be. She was free to be whoever and whatever she wanted. You admired that type of freedom and it seemed like Ju Kyung did too. It was the kind of freedom and carelessness you wanted to embrace sometimes but you kept yourself from doing so. You wondered why she kept Yong Hwan a secret from him. There must’ve been a reason, Bomi may have been a free bird and she may have done reckless things at times but when she made a decision, there was usually a reason behind doing it.

There had to be a reason why she wanted to keep Yong Hwan a secret.

“What will your parents say about him?” you asked.

Admittedly you were jealous, but it wasn’t because he was close to Bomi or even that Bomi had his baby. You were jealous that this baby he got to keep. This baby that was a part of him and belonged to him was also a part of your sister too and he got to keep him. You were losing them both. That was the reason you didn’t want to get attached.

“I don’t know what I’ll tell them, they’ll just have to get used to it.” He said.

He stepped up closer to you and held his arms out to take Yong Hwan from you. You wanted to pull away, you wanted to tell him he couldn’t have him but you reluctantly placed Yong Hwan in his arms. Yong Hwan was asleep already, he’d eaten, he’d puked, he’d already used his diaper although, you were pretty sure he was going to use it again soon. Ju Kyung held him as if he wasn’t sure what he was. He looked at him with some sort of pain in his eyes and it felt like someone was wrapping their hand around your heart. It felt like you weren’t allowed to breathe. You lost so much already, you weren’t sure you could lose anything else.

You sighed and grabbed the baby’s bag and handed it to Ju Kyung,

“Here’s everything you need for him. He’s already been fed but he likes to wake up in the middle of the night so be aware of that.”

“Harry said you would be keeping him.” Ju Kyung looked up at you confused.

“What? No, I was keeping him until he got you. Now that you’re here take your son.”


“Sun. Don't, just take him home what’s the big deal?” you argued.

“The big deal is I don’t know how to take care of a baby, besides I need some time to break it to my folks. They’re going to have a fit as soon as I bring him in the house.”

“I fail to see where that’s my issue. I have a son already Ju Kyung and I have a job one that I took two days off to be with your son all day.”

It annoyed you that you were using that argument against him. You wondered if you still would’ve used that argument if it was your baby. You hated this, that you wanted to get rid of Yong Hwan because he reminded you of Bomi and everything else you lost. You also didn’t want Ju Kyung to take him away. How did a connection form so quickly? You were always good with kids, you blended in with their sweet nature and loved them, but you were always able to be firm with them. You were a mother always, baby or not, long before your child, long before Yong Hwan and Yong Nam. You were a mother by nature.

“Look, you’re on your own Sun. Take care of him okay.” you told him.

You basically turned him around and led him out of your door. You couldn’t deal with another heart break. You’d curse everything if you got close to that baby only to lose him too. You weren’t going to do it. Ju Kyung took the kid but kept looking back at you like you’d cave in and keep him. When it seemed like you wouldn’t, it looked like he finally gave in a settled for getting in the car that was waiting for him outside. Explaining a baby was going to be tough even to his family.

You never knew that much about Ju Kyung to begin with, it was more of the fact that the same man that got you pregnant got your kid sister pregnant that annoyed you. You two purposely stayed out of each other's lives so that your parents wouldn’t find out. He was your only forbidden fruit, but it seemed like your weren’t his only one. You worried as soon as he took the baby if he would be able to handle it, but Yong Hwan was his child, he’d have to learn how to take care of him. You told Yong Nam to hurry up so you two could catch the movie. He was quiet the rest of the night. When you got home, he asked you,

“Is Yong Hwan coming back?”

You shook your head, he wasn’t coming back. At least he wasn’t supposed to.

“No buddy, it’s just me and you again.” you said giving him a hug and kissing the top of his head.

He looked up at you with a warm smile before he leaned back into you. You held onto him for a moment happy that he was at the very least the one thing that stayed. He looked back up at you again and said,

“You know, if you wanted to have a baby- I wouldn’t mind. I think it would be cool to have a little brother or sister.”

You chuckled,

“Good to know. I think for right now it’ll just be the two of us though buddy.”

He shrugged and said good night before he headed off into his room. You said goodnight to him too and went to bed.







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