Beauty of the Shore Chapter 1

Kun was always intrigued by humans. He loved watching them from afar, seeing how they play and interact with each other. It was always so interesting to see them swim and just genuinely have fun in the water even though they couldn’t breathe in it as he could. All the other mermaids and mermen were terrified of humans because of the history between the two species. Humans had nearly hunted them all to near extinction. The last few merpeople had retreated to the parts of the ocean that humans never go in. The Bermuda Triangle was home to the biggest population of them because of the human’s fear of the place. Little did they know that all the disappearances were because of old leaders in the kingdom that chose… less dignified ways of dealing with humans. Luckily the new leaders were much more humane. Even though he was the black sheep of the species for his interest in the two-legged creatures, Kun loved to travel around the world. He caught some of the names uttered from humans in passing. It was on his latest trip that his life was completely turned upside down. And he wouldn’t want to trade the change for anything. “Kun, do you really want to go there? The tailless are so violent there.” Kun’s younger sister asked as she picked nervously at her teal colored tail. “I don’t think they’re violent. Besides, no one will see me. I’ve been traveling for a couple years and I haven’t been found yet. I promise you I’ll be fine. I’ll be back in 3 months. Take care of Mom for me, okay?” He smiled at her and ruffled her hair when she smiled widely and nodded. “Will you bring me something?” “Of course I will! I always have! Any specific requests?” “Something colorful!” She swam around excitedly. “Something colorful, you got it.” Kissing her forehead, he patted her shoulder. “See ya little minnow.” “Bye dolphin!!” Kun grabbed his bag, he admittedly used one from the humans. He’s actually used several bags from the human world. They don’t seem to last very long, probably something with being in salt water permanently. As his little sister swam out of the room and she was soon replaced by Kun’s mother. “Son? Can I convince you to stay? I fear I won’t be in the ocean for much longer.” “Mother, I promise I’ll be back soon.” He hugged her tightly before putting the bag strap on his arm and heading out. His destination would take a couple weeks to swim to so the amount of time he’ll actually have observing the humans will be cut down to amount a month and a half. Luckily he was a fast swimmer. As he swam out into open waters, he noticed that he had an abnormal shadow. Looking back, he saw his little sister. She always followed him to the end of the reef then watched as he swam off into the distance. Her stark black hair covered her face as she quickly turned it as if he wouldn’t notice her. “Little minnow, you know your hair doesn’t make you invisible. That’s just something we told you when you were younger to get you to stop crying.” Kun swam back to her. The small sniffling sounds let him know that’s exactly what was happening. “I just…I have a bad feeling about this…something bad is going to happen while you’re gone.” “Hua, I promise you. You’ll be okay. You’re so safe here.” “Not me. You.” “Did you have another vision?” “It was after I left your room…all I remember is red. Red everywhere. And someone screaming your name..” Kun was left in a shocked silence. Mermaids had a power that connected them to the future, but only the children. For some reason when they all became adults, they lost the connection. However, Hua had an extremely strong connection. To the point that she can barely stay awake after. Kun lifts her chin up and notices how extremely pale she is. “Don’t. I’ve got her.” A familiar voice rang out. His older brother was swimming over. “Just go.” He grabbed Hua and started to swim back to their cove. Kun’s older brother didn’t approve of him. He thought Kun was a failure to the entire species. Honestly, he didn’t care if Kun got killed and even hoped for it. Sadly, Kun didn’t care for his brother in turn. Hard to love someone that wanted you dead. And of course, their mom adored his older brother. But enough of family drama, Kun shook his head at the retreating back of his brother and resumed his way out to sea. He didn’t want to waste any time dwelling on the feud between the older male. He’d swim for a majority of the day then sleep and eat at night before resuming his trek in the morning. Perhaps it would be smarter to switch to a nocturnal schedule, but he’d rather be able to see his surroundings. Plus, he hasn’t been caught yet while traveling during the day. Of course, he’d always make sure that he stayed far below whatever human ships he saw. He was still in too deep of water for them to be diving or getting in at all. Occasionally, he’d linger around said ships to observe what the humans were doing so far out in the ocean. Some were fishing, some were drilling for oil, and some were just observing the ocean. Apparently, humans were as intrigued in the ocean world as he was in their world. He didn’t blame them. The ocean was such a beautiful place. He was often in awe of some of the sights around the world. Yes, he mostly traveled to see humans, but he did see some things that took his breath away. One thing was for sure, he was surprised to see how many people were on the shore when he eventually did arrive at his destination. They all seemed to be young adults and they obviously lacked the intelligence that Kun had seen around the other parts of the world as they were all yelling at each other stupidly and falling over everywhere. He noticed one that was just sitting on a rock watching everyone, laughing. She didn’t seem to be as dumb as the others. Perhaps she was from somewhere else in the world. After watching them for a couple hours, he decided it was a good time to go to sleep so he headed a little further away from the shore and found a small underwater cave. Glancing inside, he noticed it was empty. It was recently used as a nursery for small fish it seemed. Squeezing inside, there was just enough room for him to curl up and use his bag as a pillow before quickly falling asleep. That one human’s laugh echoing in his ears as her face swam through his mind. -- Taglist:@WinKonVIP@Halsyeon@twistedPDnim@StefaniTre@awkwardjazzy@QueenyCrossGene@MelissaGarza@SweetDuella

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