King Jinwoo ๐Ÿ‘‘ Blesses our ears with Another M/V {Color}

So as you all know, I posted a card yesterday, after King Jinwoo saved the world with his voice and album.

Check it out Here

You won't be disappointed.

Drinking My coffee, doing my usual scrolling on YouTube, I notice my subscription is lighted up.

I saw The Thumbnail of him!

Holy shitteu! He decided to bless us with not only 1 MV, but 2! I feel like a child unwrapping her early Christmas present.

Anyway! Color. It's a jam. His voice? It's a blessing. You should check him out. PLT needs more love and recognition. There are 5 guys to fall in love with, and recognize their artistic brilliance. There's nothing to lose, well maybe nothing but a spot on your bias list. Who knows? Maybe your list needs this.


Leaving the title track Below cause I has No Shame in my promotion game.Leaving the title track Below cause I has No Shame in my promotion game.

At least check him out. His voice is heaven sent.

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If you would like to be added to a new list let me know.

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