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Hi Hi Everyone! I know I know the tag moment! Ive been meaning to do this for the past week and have been putting it off, But Im getting organized and updated. Alot of people are back on or have come in during this quarter and omgosh were about half way through arent we lol. So wanted to take a moment to check in and see about tagging.

I have a bunch of communities that I am apart of and trying to upgrade my work a bit more, sadly Fan Fics I haven't touched in a while, but Ive been working on games and such for communities instead.

This card is mainly about Taglists for each category. There are 8 different groups and mostly kpop!

Okay now if your already on a taglist and are good awesome dont have to say a word/

If you want to be added to a list go ahead and let me know/

the same goes if you want off a list, just say the words/

And last one, if your already on a few but want to be on more go right ahead and say which ones!

So shall we start up!

Fam Taglist! This list is used for basically all the cards I post! the fam tag is about those friends and new friends who touch in alot of different kpop groups and different topics plus I add it to my random notes of sharing something that I like and seeing if their is someone else here who likes it to (for instance I found a few coffee lovers that way!)

fam tag! new updated list!

@SugaKookieV@StefaniTre @SimplyAwkward@Starbell808@SerenaArthurs@Sugasadamsapple@BabydollBre @WinKonVIP   @Taekookimonster @ESwee @QueenPandaBunny  @Yugykookie97@kpopandkimchi @VKookie47@MelissaGarza @VeronicaArtino @tinafalcon22@tigerlily84@Taekookimonster  @JaxomB @divanicola05 @ynsamgwlk@rchacon19@cns1391 @PolarStarr @rocklvr@BTSARMYBOI


So I am a coffee addict and I am proud to say the prez of the coffee cmty!

I learned a few people share this love!

My coffee lovers!@VeronicaArtino@Just2BLoved@MelissaGarza @QueenyCrossGene

Another group that I help show love to and make carda for is Pentagon, the list below can be added to and is used by the Universe Council

Universe Council:


Universe Citzens:


Please let us know if you'd like to be tagged!

Or untagged...

Maelyn is a sweetie for letting me join and dot on these boys! The list is used by the baby crew and can be added to if you want.

Matoki Council:@MaeLyn@Halsyeon@awkwardjazzy@QueenyCrossGene@SweetDuella

Baby Taglist:

@kpopandkimchi@MelissaGarza@ynsamgwlk@SimplyAwkward@SweetDuella  @JaxomB@MaeLyn@mitchix5@InfinitySky@AlexisJ15@awkwardjazzy@StefaniTre@JiyongLeo@axosrain @Starbell808@simpsonsamantha@AkiraMarie13@QueenyCrossGene@cns1391


I had wanted to share love for this group and super happy to have it. There is a small crew of us learning and supporting them!

If you are interested please check put the community, its still a new cmty and not alot are apart of them yet.

New Generation council!@SweetDuella@SugaKookieV @MelissaGarza

TRCNG Taglist


There Are 3 BTS members crew that I am apart of and same girls sharing love for them

there really isnt taglists for these, if you would like to be tagged on the cards from all of us that would be awesome! I know alot of Armys are on here lol

Sweet Suga Crew@SugaKookieV@VeronicaArtino@SweetDuella

Your Hope Crew

Taehyung's Purplers


Taehyung's Purplees...


Now to end this Card here is a picture of a cute cat!

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