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[C]╔⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╗ [C] кιм jσnghчun

[C]╚⊶⊶⊶⊶⊶✞⊷⊷⊷⊷⊷╝ [C]¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ [C] Today, which is a Sunday, November 18, 2018. A month from today will mark a year. A year in which we lost a beautiful, talented soul. A beautiful, talented soul who was named Kim Jonghyun.

[C]¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ It makes me really sad...that this news wasn't a dream, that...that...heartbreaking day is coming soon. That you really became an angel and it wasn't just a nickname.

[C]¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ Kim Jonghyun.....

[C]¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸ #YouDidWellJonghyun

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