Drop Everything & Stan Ateez

These are Yunho and Mingi (jean jackets) and San and Wooyoung (in red and black) covering BTS, NCT, & Wanna One's dances. They are amazing!

Note: Before debut they were known as KQ Fellaz (or KQ Boys.)

Watch Ateez's debut and predebut stuff here:

KQ Fellaz Performance Video 1

KQ Fellaz Performance Video 2

KQ Fellaz Performance Video 3

KQ Fellaz-Yunho Solo Performance Video

Growl Dance Cover

Ateez Debut (Treasure & Pirate King)

Here is a Get to Know video as well:

My bias is Hongjoong, what about you?

(Also I'll be placing this card in the KQ Fellaz interest as Vingle isn't allowing me to make a new interest for anything lately. If anyone can get the interest to show up please let me know! I want to join it!)

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