Inexpensive Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Space Look Luxurious

Want to turn your existing home decor into a luxurious one? Maybe it’s the perfect time to change it but you’re thinking it’s going to cost too much? Well, it’s about time; we break that stereotype for you. There are plenty of ways how you can manage to make your home interior look expensive when actually, it isn’t. Here are some ideas that will absolutely help you out.

1. Bigger the carpet, bigger the space

If you want your room to look spacious than it really is, there’s a simple trick for it. Just get a rug or carpet that goes with the room decor. That’s one really inexpensive and easy way to have a bigger looking space and matching the carpet/rug with the rest of your interior, for example with wall colours and curtains, will make your room look even more lavish. You can experiment this with your living room and see how it goes!

2. One wall brighter than the others

Regardless of the area of the room, painting one wall into a dark color with some stylish patterns and keeping the other walls in lighter shade, will brighten it up. With less furniture and more space, this idea will make your room look magnificent and getting a wall painted isn’t expensive at all, so you can totally go with this one.

3. Recreate existing accessories

Revamping is the trend that never goes out of fashion. There’s always some stuff in our homes that we have a nostalgic attachment with and letting them go is very difficult so why not recreate them and turn them into something more eye-catching. For example, you can use your memorable pictures to adorn your wall and turn them into decorative accessories if you want. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate your house.

4. Go vintage

These days, many restaurants and cafes are trying out the vintage decor for their interior and it looks really elegant. The vintage ornamental stuff also beautifies your home if matched with the rest of the interior appropriately. You can find the vintage objects at yard sales of houses or flea markets that sell old stuff like gramophones, Old table clocks,or if you’re lucky, you may find a vintage set of crockery.

5. DIY (Do it yourself)

If your budget is a little tight then doing your interior yourself wouldn’t be such a bad idea. DIY allows you to give your house a lot of personal touches and on the other hand, you also get to be creative. Although DIY requires a lot of planning and time investment from your end, the results are worth it. There is plenty of stuff that you can do while DIY, some of them are- painting doors and walls with popping colors of your choice, recreating stuff or bringing in some plants.

6. Right lighting for the right room

One of the cheapest ways for your home to look luxurious is getting the lighting right. Every room has its own feeling that should show and the best way to do that is giving each room, its own lighting. For example, the soft light areas are bathroom and bedroom whereas, living room and kitchen should have a brighter light.

7. Keep it spacy

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With another festive breeze coming in, maybe you can experiment with all these ideas and invite your friends to show off your brand new interior. It will definitely blow their minds and if they ask how much did it cost, you know what to tell them!

You don’t have to worry if you are a little crunched up on the budget end, your interior can still look drop dead beautiful and you will be able to save a lot of money too. All you have to do is set a mini budget for the decor and do a thorough research on what goes best with the existing interior & exterior of your home and so that you can execute the plan accordingly.

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