Alnwick Road House Designed by Park+ Associates

From "The Alnwick Road House located on Alnwick Road in Singapore has an area of 4,628 square foot with a linear floor plan. This kind of layout allows light and cross ventilation to the interior while adjusting the brightness and temperature of the house at the same time. One look at the house will make you grasp its modern style as it used boxed functions that were arranged to shape a larger volume for the interior spaces of the house. Its facade is a thing of beauty and modernism. While inside the house, you will be welcomed with its charm and elegance despite its minimal interior design. Other than the boxes and clean lines that you can see in its architecture, the house also boasts its use of combined materials which added to its appeal. It utilized glass, black-powder-coated aluminum and black mild-steel casting–shape giving it an elegant exterior. The use of glass around the house floods the interior with natural light and a good view of the outdoor scenario. A rectangular pool can be seen on the side which is a source of relaxation giving more beauty to the home’s exterior. This is indeed one fascinating contemporary home especially with its boxed function. The black box placed atop the white volume creates a visual connection to all the design details on the facade. Even its use of black, gray and white made it look more stunning. The design of the house was done by Park + Associates who truly deserve an applause for their impressive work on this house."

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