No one has to know (day 11)

Who: Reader x a few shades light of black 

What: if all the rain drops were Smutty canes and Smutdrops oh what treat that will be. Standing inside with my mouth opened wide. Ah hah hah haha 

Story: I mean it’s day 11. We’ll cool it down a little. 

You paced back and forth annoyed that once again your parents were making you go to an extravagant ball so they could basically show you off like a prized doll. To top it all off, your mother fitted you in a glittering gold gown that brought all eyes on you. It flowed down with a tail behind it and a slit up your left leg, it was hardly lady like, any higher and everyone could see your panty line. You supposed that was what it meant to be the daughter of a great business man and drug lord. All the luxuries that money could buy with all the headaches of having to be polite to disgusting old farts that liked to ogle at you. The only good thing is that they didn’t dare touch you or they risked losing their hands. Daddy didn’t tolerate men touching his little girl in an inappropriate matter, unless you were okay with it. 

“Stop pacing the floor like that and stand up straight. Learn how to smile Y/n, your papa is proud of you.” 

“Mama, papi only wants me to court a gentleman worthy of the business. How I feel about it doesn’t matter and pride is far from his mind.” You argued. 

“Mija.” Your mother scolded. 

“Mama.” You mocked her tone. 

She huffed at the way you talked back to her. She fixed your hair and made sure the string of diamonds that decorated your bun was visible for all to admire. Your shoulder blades were free and vulnerable to the cool air just as your neck was. Your light caramel skin glowed in the warm light and the champagne room was decked out like a king’s court. Of course, your father, El Rey, wouldn’t have anything less. This was “su palacio”, his palace, and it had to look like that. You had to be la princesa.  

Your mother turned to you as she headed to the door and reminded you to be on your best behavior and that you were going to be courted by many men but it would be your father that decided who would be best for you. If only you could figure out how to avoid such a deal. The party wasn’t that bad in terms of the entertainment, there was live music and the dancing was fun. Your father called you to his side a few times so that he could introduce you to a few men that he worked with and some that wanted you to call them Tio. You were nowhere near comfortable with it but no amount of polite refusal would do.  

You were finally able to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom, the only reasonable excuse that your father would give you to slip away. You wondered if he had really thought through the whole party, allowing your suitors to wear decorated masks so that you couldn’t judge them by their appearance, as if you were that shallow. You made it upstairs and away from the party guests to take a breather from everyone. You would be happier when the night was over. You started walking down the hall wanting to take down your hair but you could already hear your mother complaining about it. Tonight was such a hassle you hated parties like this.

“Skipping out on the party? What a naughty girl you've been this year.” A soft voice came from behind you. 

You turned to see a man in a tuxedo with a mask on, jeweled up and dazzling even in the dimly lit hallway. He stepped closer to you as you took notice of the shape of his lips and the tops of his ears. His hand grabbed your waist and his lips caught yours. He kissed you furiously with the kind of passion of a man that hadn't seen his other half for fifty years. He backed you into a wall. You grabbed his mask and pushed it up off his eyes to reveal hia face. When he broke the kiss, you looked him in the eyes and smiled from ear to ear, 

“Seonghwa! Que esta haciendo aqui?” 

He chuckled and said, 

“I came to steal you away.” 

“If only it were possible but papa would have un infarto, a heart attack.” 

Seonghwa laughed, 

“He doesn’t have to know.” 

“Lee Seonghwa, if you think my father has a way out of this place without being caught, you’re crazy. Mi papa esta loco, muy loco y tu tambien.” 

He laughed, 

“I love how you switch languages so fluidly.” 

“It’s not funny, Seonghwa you have to go. Por favor, before he catches you here.” you said. 

You placed your hands on his shoulders to push him away but he pulled you closer. He kissed the area between your neck and your shoulder. You giggled lightly at the tickling sensation. He drew his lips up to your ear and whispered,

“Let’s go somewhere I can get you out of this dress.”  

You shook your head at him but the grin on your face said everything that he wanted to hear. You looked down the hall to make sure that you two could really slip away without someone finding you. You took his hand and led him down to another room that substituted as an office. You closed and locked the door behind you and wrapped your arms around Seonghwa’s neck before you kissed him deeply. Your tongues entangled in a feverush dance and it was clear how much he’d missed you. You and Seonghwa had met a while ago and had flirted as well as slept with each other a few times when you visited Seoul. You two had the most fun when your father let you go with a girlfriend of yours by yourself, well mostly by yourself you had two body guards as chaperones. 

“We have to make this quick.” you whispered against his lips. 

“I’d rather savor you.” he teased with a grin. 

“Malo.” you chuckled.

You grabbed the flaps of his suit jacket and pulled him towards you so you could kiss him again. Your head tilted to the side so that you could get a better angle, mean while his hands found the zipper on the side of your dress and he zipped it down slowly. He revealed your bare breast behind the golden dress and you let him go so the dress could drop to the floor. He took your hand and helped you step away from it. You started to unbutton his dress shirt while he caressed your breast. He squeezed them and pushed them up and down before he whispered, 

“I forgot how soft these were.”  

You could feel your heat warm at his words. You smiled tenderly at him but your eyes drew down his chest to his belly button. You could see the lines that made the V cut on his pelvis. You didn’t want to discard his shirt, he was a vision of desire with it just opened up to you like that. He came up to your ear and whispered, 

“I want to be inside you.” 

You felt helpless against his words as the knot in your stomach tightened. You whispered back just as sweetly, 

“You’re invited.”  

He undid his pants with a laugh and pushed them down far enough that he could let his erect member escape. He lifted your leg onto one arm and guided his penis to your entrance. He slipped inside you and kissed you as he thrusted slowly in and out allowing you to adjust to him. You tightened around him while trying to stifle your moans despite the music from the party being loud enough to cover them. 

“Oh you’ve missed me that much.” he teased you notinf how wet you were.

“Seonghwa.” you mewled. 

“That’s right princess, say my name only.”  

He moved with a little more force driving himself up inside you. The foot that you were standing on made you stand up on your tip toe the more force he used. It became harder to stifle your cries and you covered your mouth. He grabbed your hand and pushed it up against the wall. He looked you deep in the eyes with his brown ones so intense they could’ve melted you right there. Your body was hot and your womanhood pulsed around him. Nothing was more agonizing them having him inside you and he stopped moving. Your hips wiggled for more friction so he pressed up against you. His gaze deepened on your eyes while he kept your hand pinned to the wall. His other hand was holding your waist. 

“You’re beautiful like this.” he said. 

“Please Seonghwa.” 

“Begging? I’ve never known you to beg.” he grinned. 

“Move inside me. You’re killing me.” you pleaded. 

“I told you I want to savor you. I rather like the look in your eyes. It’s thrilling to see how desperate you are for me. Dripping wet,” 

He pushed his finger against your clit making you take in a sharp breath. You purred sweetly and bucked your hips up to get more pressure. He laughed at you, 

“Oh you want it here.” he said. 

“Si, por favor. Dame mas.” 

He chuckled and moved slowly in you to watch you go crazy, he drove himself out of you inch by inch and then he introduced himself to your core even slower before drawing back inside you. The slow pace made you ache but not as much as his finger drawing circles on your clit. He worked at the sensitive nub making you want to move more but he wouldn’t allow it. He came up to your lips to kiss you softly, he was teasing you as much as possible. 

“Imagine if you were all mine.” he said. 

“I am.” you whispered. 

He shook his head, 

“No, not all of you. I want all of you to belong to me.” 

He grabbed your breast, 


He grabbed your ass, 


He let his finger trace over your lips, 


He touched your hair and shoulders, your belly and thighs, 

“I want all of this to be mine.” 

“And what do I get in return, I dare ask.” 

“All of me.” he smiled. 

He pulled out of you to walk you over the desk, he had you lay back on into before he slid inside you again. This time he granted you a pace worth losing your mind over. In and out, repeatedly with a snap of his hips while your hands drew up to his chest and your nails scratched their markings onto him. The sweat began to build up and steam filled the room like it was a sauna. The smell of sex lingered in the air with each forceful thrust of his hips and flick of his tongue on your breast. He nibbled at your neck and kissed below your ear granting you a mass of sensastions placing you under his spell. He gripped your hips and looked as if he was trying to connect his soul with yours. His gaze was intense once again, he pressed your bodies together like you two would melt into each other. The feeling of his nipples running against yours made you even more wet. His heavy pants mixed with your mewling moans, you purred while he kissed your neck and suckled at your breast. Your legs wrapped around him like a snake. He lifted your legs on his shoulders practically folding you beneath him he kissed you fiercly while dicking you down.

“Seonghwa. Seonghwa.” you called his name. 

“Don’t cum yet.” he said. 

Your legs shook as he hit the most glorious spots that was driving you wild. He bit his bottom lip with a sexy growl as he got sounds out of you that he’d missed getting. He was hungry for you, ravenous even.

“Say you’re mine.” he said. 

“I’m yours.” you cried. 

“All of you y/n. All of you belongs to me.” he said. 

“Si, si, si. Todo de mi es tuyo. Promesa.” 

He crashed his lips over yours sweeping you up in unfathomable desire. The feeling of him reaching deep inside of you was nothing compared to the feeling of him kissing you like he owned you. You gripped onto his shoulders sinking your fingernails into his arm like you were dying but honestly you were coming alive. Your body bloomed in euphoria and you brought Seonghwa down to you so you could kiss him feverishly and with the lasting desire of the wonderful orgasm he granted you. He kept moving in you brining his hand to the back of your neck to cradle your head a bit.  

He kissed you deeper than you knew was possible and then he pulled out of you to ride against your folds finding his release at the same time. You could feel his shiver that was so sexy and the way his warm arousal coated your heat made you feel closer to him than ever. You had to admit even to yourself that you missed him. He pulled you up and helped clean you off. 

“So much for savoring it.” You giggled. 

“I was way too excited to be in you again. Don’t forget your promise now.” he said. 

You raised your eyebrow like you had no idea what he was talking about. You teased him by saying, 

“What promise.” 

“Nice try but even if you said it in your native tongue, I still know you said it. You’re all mine. No matter what.” He grinned. 

He took a piece of string out of his pocket and tied it around your ring finger. It was a dark gray string that was small enough it could be over looked by just about anyone but you could feel it there almost like its presence was beaming to be noticed. 

“I’m not sure I understand.” you said. 

“Even if your father is successful in marrying you off,” he pointed to the string, 

“That’s proof you’ll always belong to me first.” 

“Mi corazon. Tu tienes todo de me y tengo todo de ti. Siempre.” 

He smiled at you and leaned in to give you as kiss, he pulled back for a moment to say, 

“The best part is that no one has to know.” 

You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck before kissing him again.

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