The Best Chicken

Yup you heard and saw that correctly!

Korean Chicken is the first image that came up when I saw this KDrama descrption and Name because yea its named "The Best Chicken" lol

This Korean Drama will be starting in January and run thru February.

Its going to be a cute comedic romance drama

lets meet the cast and their roles they will be playing!

Park Chou Go

He quits his day job at a big company to open a chicken restaurant.

Seo Bo Ah

Disguising herself she is up to something as she start work at the chicken restaurant.

Andrew Kang (eek I love him!)

Now we are adding some comical humor into the drama as we introduce Andrew who is a genius chef turned homeless.

Well well, some of us know this face from Pentagon!

Bae Ki Bum

He is the trouble maker employee. Charging forward he uses his words more then actions which wind up getting him in a bit of trouble!

Any Charactors your excited to see in this Kdrama! lol I got my eyes on a few lol

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