Know the Top 10 Pros & Cons of Dekton worktops

No matter if you are building a home or renovating one, there are a ton of things one needs to finalize from a design standpoint and at the same time need to establish its durability. Worktops are one such thing, you need to consider everything from its rigidity to the price and maintenance cost for a long term. With so many worktop choices out there its hard to decide one.

We can help you with it, Dekton worktops are one of the best options out there. Its an amalgamation of Quartz, Porcelain, and Glass and has everything to achieve greatness and be your ideal home worktop. However, it's not completely bulletproof either.

Here are 10 pros and cons of Dekton worktops-


Dekton surfaces are immune to water. They are not porous so no water penetrates into it. The fact makes it ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor use. Also, water or even any liquid stays on the surface without doing any harm until it is cleaned.

Low maintenance-

Dekton worktops price in a long run stays nominal. There is no top-notch refining or sealant used for its treatment, it won’t go dull with ages either. Some other alternatives like Granite and Marble might seem popular but they require a lot of care. Dekton cost is way too competitive for them.


Now everything is not great with this material. No matter how good you are with the installation you need to call in a professional for this one. Not that its rocket science but it is for the added benefit which you need. So, you will not save money on installations.


Generally, dekton flooring and kitchen tops come with a warranty of 25 years. But to avail the benefits you need to call in a professional. Your knit wit friend might do the job but you won’t be getting any warranty. Generally, it’s the store’s own professional who fills up the form and gets you the benefits prior to his installation.


The application of dekton is not bound by anything. They are used in a number of places like dekton kitchen worktops, in the bathroom, on the floor, outdoor use and more.

No damage free-

We have used the word Bulletproof in the intro but that might be too farfetched. As strong dekton is, it is not completely immune to damage. According to the industry trials, dekton didn’t withstand the heavy objects test. Its when heavy objects are dropped in the worktop to check its rigidity. It broke into half in that one.

UV resistant -

Dekton shows a great resistance to UV rays. No matter if you install it outdoors or indoors there will be no color fade or cracks caused by sunlight.

Not the cheapest

Though the low price makes it accessible, it’s not the cheapest option out there. Concrete and Laminate are cheaper than this one.


Dekton is water resistant as we all know by now, but its tolerant towards heat too. So, don’t worry if you accidentally place the hot pan on the kitchen top.


It might not be the cheapest but its better than other hotshots in the worktop industry. Quartz, Granite, and Marble are dominating the market with a hefty price which Dekton can challenger any day.

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