~Stray Kids Intro~

This is the third time I've typed this card... Found another thing that iPhone does better than android well hello there~

I'm going to be helping out as editor for Stray Kids this quarter! I am however in nursing school so I will probably be unable to post except on Saturdays once school starts back up. I'm going to be posting for 3 members of stray kids

The members are-

▪Bang Chan

▪Seo Changbin

▪Lee Felix

I hope you all are excited to see us post and please keep posting I love seeing new posts for these adorable children!

A little about me~ My name is Annamaria but you can call me Anna. I'm 22 and a college student. I've been listening to kpop for almost 3 years now and my taste in music constantly changes. Currently my top 3 groups are Monsta X, NCT, and Stray Kids. Give it a few weeks and it's probably going to change again. My UB position is currently tied with Doyoung, Changbin, and I.M. I cant pick who is my UB anymore.

Enough about that~ I'm going to get to bed now. Have a Merry Christmas everyone

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