Mr. and Mrs. Clause (19+) 'Merry Christmas'


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I don’t want a lot for SmutMas, there just one person I need, I don’t care about gits under the tree, I just want Jay Park in Boxers to be my own, more than you could ever know.


(Your POV)



It was struggling to get the costume skirt on as I was getting dress as a sexy Santa. I had just finished making breakfast for us both and took care of Oscar and Pj too. Once I had the skirt on, I examined myself in the mirror. I had my hair done as well, with big hooped earrings on.

I went out to the living room to make sure his gifts were on the coffee table, as mine were still under the tree. After making sure everything was set up well, I went into the bedroom. Jay had came home hella late last night, from his flight back from Japan.

So he simply stripped down to his boxers, before crashing in bed with me. He had left his suitcase in the walkway, and a trail of clothes as well. Luckily for him, I picked up his clothes, and put them in the hamper, before putting the suitcase in the living room against the wall.

I got closer to the bed, to see Jay fast asleep, blanket barely cover his body, and snuggling my pillow I had used. How could I not smile and giggle at the sleeping Jaebum. He looked so peaceful, that I kind of felt bad waking him up, but knew he wouldn’t be crabby. Since he was snuggling the pillow with my scent on it.

With a gentle shake, he slowly turn to face me as he groaned under his breath. “Bae, please… 5 more minutes.” He didn’t even open his eyes, just lay on his back with his forearm over his eyes. “But its Christmas… and you would want something else other then five minutes if you looked at me.” He moved his arm away, and slowly open his eyes, whilst I rest my hand on my hips.

“I don't want a lot for Christmas, there's just one thing that I need~. I don't care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree~. I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know. Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas, is you~.”

I had even gave a little dance as I sang acapella. He just chuckled as he watched me, whilst moving to sit up. “Well hello to you too Mrs. Clause. You really do know how to make your husband want to get up.”

Jay then took my hand and pulled me down slowly to sit on his lap. “So tell Santa what you want for Christmas again?” Instead of singing again, this time I kissed him on the lips. “Well that I will be willing to do.” He kissed me back, as his hand found its way to my ass and squeezed.

“Uh uh, I’m the last Christmas present you get to ‘open’. You have a coffee table full of presents you need to open first. Then you can have me before we have to get ready for dinner with your parents.” Jay pouted as his other hand rubbed my lower back. “Our parents, after all we are married now, Marricke.”

I just hid my face on his shoulder to hide my smile and rosy blush on my face. He just kissed the top of my head before nuzzling his face into the nape of my neck. “Presents Jay, Open the presents.” He hum before kissing my neck, then having me get off his lap, so he could stand up.

“By the way, nice boxers Jay.”

He raised an eyebrow before looking down at his boxers with gingerbread men. “We’re alone at home, I am not putting pants on.” I giggled as I follow him into the living room. “I meant that ass looks yummy right now, gingerbread cheeks.” He laughed as he finally noticed I was teasing him, and not asking him to get dressed.

Jay took my hand, and had me sit with him, before opening his gifts. “Why aren’t you opening yours? Wait… where are your gifts?” He looked around for them, before looking where I pointed. “All of them are over there except for one.” I pulled out a gift, that said it was from him, from under the table.

“Open that one then.”

He smiled warmly at me, before I open the gift. My mouth hung open a bit when I saw the logo that belong to BenBaller. I hurried to open the box to find a golden necklace with a diamond encrusted pendant, that had Mrs.AOMG on it. Jay kissed my cheek, before lifting the box, to show shares to his company AOMG.

I looked over at him surprised by the gift and confused. “But the pre-up says I have no right to your company.” He chuckled softly as shook his head. “It said if you were to leave the marriage you would have no right to the company. But these shares are in your name, so that anything where to happen to me, you would be able to step up and take my place. I’m even working on your shares for H1ghr Music too.”

He then pulled out the necklace and put it around my neck. “Your Mrs. H1ghr Music won’t be ready until Valentine’s day anyway.” I lightly touched the pendant of the necklace, with a smile along my lips. “Now that you open that gift, and I’m done with all mine. Can I open you now?”

Jay smirked as he winked at me, whilst rubbing my thighs. I stood up quick and moved from the living room the to kitchen. “Not until I know you are well fed.” He sighed but the smile remained on his face, while he stood up. He made his way over to the kitchen, until he was giving me a back-hug.

“This food looks away, but I rather have you.”

He quickly picked me up, off the ground, before taking me back to the living room. I squeal as I try to not to wiggle to much. I didn’t want him to drop me unless it was on the bed. Jay put me down, spin me around to face him, before gracefully having me lay down on my back.

“Desert before breakfast. You said after I finished opening my gifts, I could open you. Nothing about food, Marricke.”

Jay was right, but I was stubborn though. “But you have to eat Jay-…” He had cut me off, so I couldn’t fight him verbally. Jay’s touch made it even more difficult to physically fight him off either. He knew just the right way to touch me to make me stop being so stubborn.

His tongue was darting pass my lips to lure my tongue into a battle of dominances. I enjoy fighting him for, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to win today at all. He already had a hand massaging my breast under my bra. If not one between my legs, and, rubbing my sensitive spots.

I grabbed at his arm, and shoulder, as I squirmed under his touch. I didn’t want him to win, yet this was a battle I was so going to lose. Which I didn’t mind losing, since I dress like this to drive him wild sexually anyway. Jay pulled away, as he pulled at the skirt’s waist hem line.

“Bae, is this a rental or own?”

Jay’s eyes carried so much lust, that I knew he was seeing if he could rip them off of me. “Just rip them, Jay. You never need my permission before and always replace the item.” He smirked devilishly, before actually ripping the skirt completely off.

He growl before ripping my crop top off as well, enjoying the fact that I was commando underneath the costume. “You knew I would rip it off, didn’t you?” He arched an eyebrow as he enjoy seeing me naked under his body. “Well, I did say I was a gift you had to unwrap.”

I giggled softly before earning a soft kiss along the lips. “I love you so much, Marricke. I couldn’t dream of anyone else to be my wife.” He smiled lovingly at me before leaving a trail of kissing from my lips, down my neck, along my chest until he gently pulled my legs apart to insert himself between them.

“Oh no, Aquaman you know I can’t last long when you do that.”

Jay winked before his tongue lapped away at my heat like I was his favorite flavor drink. I ran my fingers through his hair, before pushing his head a bit more between my legs, the moment his fingers came into place. I gasp at the sensation coming from his tongue and fingers.

Before I could even get anywhere close to my climax, Jay pulled way, leaving me panting heavily, and wishing he didn’t stop. “Jay oppa~.” I whimper his hand, as I watched him lick his lips happily. “Oh don’t worry, I’m not done with you just yet.” Jay smirk as his canine tooth show a bit.

“Oh know, that inner wolf of yours is baring its fangs at me.”

He laughed softly as he smiled warmly at me. “My canine was showing again?” I nodded before his kissed my lips softly. “Well then, maybe its times I remind you had amazing wolfs can be in bed.” He really did know how to make me smile at the stupid shit he always said.

“I love you, Jay.”

I kissed Jay again, as my hands rested on the back of his neck and head. Jay deepen the kiss to distract me, as he easy my body into having his cock slid inside of my body. I simply play with his hand, as he made out. Though he had me moaning through the kisses, as his hips thrusted inside of me smoothly.

He didn’t get rougher, until our foreheads were rested on each other. My nails were digging into his shoulders as wrap a leg around his waist. Jay let a chuckle escape his lips with his groans. We always ended up becoming lost in each other when we made love to each other.

So when we both finally each our climax, after riding it out together as well, he started kissing along my shoulder. I play with his hair lightly, tracing the tattoo on the back of his head. “Jay…” He slowly looked up at me, with a boyish grin along his lips.

“I have another gift for you. It’s actually in the draw, where you keep your condoms, we haven’t been using.”

He blinked, confused as to why I was calling him out on not using a condom since the day we got married. He got up, gently removing himself from my embrace, to open the draw. Jay pulled out a yellow envelope that was blank. “Marricke, I hope this isn’t you trying to say you want to leave me.”

Jay looked at me with frightened, and sad puppy dog eyes. “Trust me its actually a good thing, just open it.” I said, whilst sitting up so he had room on the bed to open the envelope. When he did open it, he let the papers call out, before taking them into his hand to read.

I watched his expression go from sad and scared to shock and awe. He looked up in time to see me holding up a pregnancy test I had hid on my side of the bed’s draw. “You’re really two months pregnant?” I got closer to him, to show him the date of the papers, before having him look at the rest of the papers.

“More like four months, and it’s a boy.”

The papers went flying in the air as Jay pounce on me, to hold me tight in his embrace. “Now that is the best Christmas gift ever!” He pulled way a bit to crush his lips on mine. He then started covering my face with kisses too. I giggled while his snuggle into me.

“Get it all out now. Don’t need you getting excited again when we tell grandma and grandpa tonight at dinner.”

Jay was so happy though, that I couldn’t help but shower him in love too. Once he was calm, he let out a breath of relief. “I was so scared you wanted to leave me, that I never thought you were pregnant. I change my plans for the year around, so I won’t be away from home too much. As well be here when you give birth.”

We stood up to get clean up and dress though as we talked. “Well we can plan it all out together as well. I want to have the child in California though.” Jay nodded his head, as he fixed his pants belt. “Before that we need to visit Cali soon too.”

I zipper up my dress, when Jay kissed my cheek. “For now lets focus on today.” We both nodded agreement, before going on with our Christmas day plans.

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