Pentagon President Intro

Since we have a bunch of new members to the community I wanted to reintroduce myself to those who may be new!!

My name is Erica. You can call me Erica/Halsyeon it doesn't matter.

I have been on here for roughly more than 2 years.

I was the Pioneer for the Pentagon Community, so therefore this is my second term as President for them.

I also want to note that we will still be posting for Hyojong (E'Dawn.) He will forever be a part of Pentagon to us!

Now onto some facts about me:

~I'm 23

~Birthday: December 16th, 1995

~An idol who is closest in age to me is Shinwon (Pentagon), he was born on December 11th, 1995. (If there is someone else closer than Shinwon let me know!)

~I'm a red head! (Hello to any fellow gingers out there!) ;)

~I work two jobs at the moment so I'm quite busy but I love to still post on here!

~Right now I am currently on the Pentagon, NCT, Kpop, and B.A.P official teams

~I am also still President of K-Dramas and (G)I-DLE and an editor for VIXX until the upcoming elections are over!

~You may also see me posting about Day6, Astro, and many other groups as I am multifandom!

~Jo Jinho is my Ultimate Bias!

~My favorite k-pop group is Pentagon!

~My Pentagon wreckers are Hongseok, Kino, and Hui!

~Tbh all of them have wrecked me at least once!

~My top ten groups are Pentagon(Jinho), NCT(Taeyong/Kun/Doyoung), VIXX(Hakyeon), Day6(Wonpil), Stray Kids(Chan/Seungmin), Astro(Moonbin), (G)I-DLE(Soojin), The Rose(Hajoon), Victon(Seungsik), and BTS(Jimin.)


As a Council member currently I am in charge of Jinho and Kino!


I hope you look forward to the Council's posts!


Universe Council:


Universe Citzens:


If you'd like to be tagged please let us know!

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