SM To Debut A New Group In China (WAYV)

This group was previously known as NCT China. However, WAYV will not officially be considered an NCT Unit.

Read more below to find out why.

WAYVJanuary of 2019NCT members Kun, WinWin, Lucas, and Ten.SMRookies Hendery, Xiaojun, and Yangyang

WAYVLabel V,

This all being said, nowhere has it been mentioned that this group is a unit of NCT.


Well this all probably has to do with the tensions between China and South Korea. If WAYV were to bare the name of NCT tensions could potentially rise. However, if they don't then what could China do? I'm convinced this is SM's way of getting around the system. Though keep in mind this is only my theory, as nothing's been confirmed.


Now onto WAYV, since they are basically or I guess a better term would be unofficially a unit of NCT, us in the NCT community will be posting for them!

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