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Hello everyone! I'm finally here with my introduction as the Kpop President! So without further ado let me introduce myself~


My name is Erica, I am 23 (born in 1995) and I've been on Vingle for since I believe late 2015. I have been a K-pop fan since roughly the middle of 2014. The group that got me into k-pop was EXO and my first UB was Sehun. My current favorite group is Pentagon and Jinho is my UB. Though I also love NCT, Day6, VIXX, Astro, (G)I-DLE, Stray Kids, BTS, Victon, Red Velvet, Ateez, ONEUS, B.A.P, and The Rose. I love lots of other groups too but those are the one's I keep up with the most. I am the Pioneer and Current President for the Pentagon Community. I am also the President for the NCT Community. I am an Editor for the Ateez, B.A.P, and VIXX Communities. Later on I will be posting a Community Guidelines Card so please look out for that! :) So until then this is goodbye!

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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