Kpop Community Guidelines


Huddle up guys, it's Guidelines time!

Most of these are pretty basic and it's stuff most users already know but I'd like to go over these again for newer users or for those that have forgotten! Do not skip over this because if you DO NOT FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES YOU WILL ONLY BE GIVEN ONE WARNING.

Also stay tuned after the Guidelines to see tips on how to get your card's featured.


Ready? Here we go!


1) This is a community, not an interest!

-What does this mean?

Well when you are posting a card beside Kpop you will notice a CMTY beside it, that means that the "interest" you've chosen is actually a Community. In a Community there is a President who is over it. That means your card's will not be posted to the Community until it is approved by the President or Council.

Pentagon CommunityPentagon Interest

-What should you take in mind before posting in a Community?

You should make sure your card is relevant to the community because if it isn't it will get rejected from being posted in the community. Us Council members have to look and approve every single card that is submitted to the community, don't make us have to inapprove you, please! (Keep in mind that we cannot see who the Poster is before it's approved so even if you accidentally place one in the community that is not relevant to Kpop we will not know it was you unless it's posted in an interest that is visible to us.)

Vingle Content Policy

-What is okay to post?

Honestly anything as long as it's relevant to the community in some way.

If you are using picture edits or information from a news site that is not your own PLEASE leave the source for where you got this information/edits! I understand we can all be forgetful so let's try to at least do it at times! Someone worked hard to make this stuff for us to see! I won't be giving warnings for this unless I am the owner of these edits or information. But I'd like it if we were at least respectful to those that put hard work into making the edits or digging for the information.

(See an example above. I used some of the information from the Vingle Content Policy page they have.)

There is one exception to this and that is when you're posting videos from YouTube. The YouTube video links directly to the user's channel anyways.

-What is NOT OKAY to post?

Derogatory or demeaning things, spam, stuff 19+ without a proper warning, stuff that'll intially start a fight, anything that goes against the Vingle Content Policy. (Which if you haven't read, please do so!)


If the post contains something that is probably considered Rated-R please have that in your title! We have younger members or members that don't want to read that. If I find that a fanfiction author is not doing so I will be forced to report you.

I would also prefer that if you are writing a Fan-Fiction make sure it's relevant to the community. (A Korean actor that isn't also a singer doesn't belong in the Kpop community.)


2) Let's all get along!

This is pretty easy to understand.

No fighting, let's all get along! Please let's not get into fan wars or arguements with one another. If any council member sees it or are told about it you'll be warned.



3) Don't Be Afraid To Speak Out!

If you see something going down such as an argument, potentially harmful content, or a card with Rated-R content that wasn't mentioned please let us know! Reach out to us in our Community Chat!

Also we are all pretty friendly people, come chat with us about anything!


4) The Council Taglists are for Council use only!

The people on the taglist have asked to be tagged in the Council's cards not everyone's cards!


5) Vote! Become A President! Be Active!

(This one is more of a suggestion and not a Guideline.)

Don't be a wet blanket! Comment on other's cards, praise someone, post your own cards! Vote for someone to be President, try becoming a President yourself. Most of all HAVE FUN!


Now lastly let me go on to the Featuring part!



Card Titles

I don't know about you but nothing draws me into a card more than a catchy or clever title? Even if the content is older, a catchy title can bring it to life again!


Photo Spams

too die fornew

Music Videos/Music Video Teasers

I love to feature Music Videos (only new one's obviously) but I won't be featuring every card that posts about a new music video. For instance if@Yugykookie97 posts BTS' next music video first and so do I but like an hour later, her's will be featured not mine. It's simple, first come first serve. Same goes for the teasers, we also probably won't feature every teaser a group has. Sometimes they post like 6 teasers.

Breaking News

Most breaking news deserves a feature spot. But anything that goes against the guidelines won't be!

Giveaways/Community Updates

Giveaways are a given. As for community updates I mean like within the kpop community, or if a new President is elected (if they are relevant to the Kpop cmty of course.)

And that's all I'll give you for now. There are lots of other things that me or the Council may think deserve a feature but I wanted to sit these tips out here to give people a chance to have an idea on what could potentially be featured!


That's all I have for you today! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

I hope all of you are enjoying your New Years! Happy 2019 to everyone!

I apologize for the long card guys! :)

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