Get To Know The NCT Council

This card serves as a Masterlist to the NCT Council's Intro cards. From this single card you can click on all 7 of our intros to get to know us all a little better!

To get to know the council members and eventually the members they represent click below!

(Keep in mind that we have switched members around (as we gained a seventh council member) once since our intro cards so some cards will mention different members than who's mentioned below.)

Taeyong / Doyoung / Xiaojun


Ten / Taeil / Jungwoo


Haechan / Jaemin / Renjun


Johnny / Yuta / WinWin


Mark / Lucas / Hendery


Jaehyun / Chenle / Jeno


Kun / Jisung / Yangyang


Thanks guys for joining the team! I am looking forward to this term!!


Zen Council:




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