Beauty of the Shore Chapter 3

Kun couldn’t believe he got that to a human. He couldn’t believe he TALKED to a human. He couldn’t believe he TOUCHED a human! He really couldn’t believe they didn’t see his tail. The water was fairly dark in the low light of the storm. But above all else, Kun couldn’t believe he couldn’t stop worrying about the human he saved. Hannah. Such a foreign name to him, yet he couldn’t stop it from repeating in his mind to the point that he thought he’d go crazy.

He debated on leaving the area completely and going back home so that he didn’t risk himself again, but he just had to see her again. He needed to make sure she was okay. He had to get to know her. There was something so intriguing about her. It was like a primal need for him to be near her again, even if she couldn’t see him.

Hesitating, he slowly swam back to where he saved her the day before. He doubted that she would be there, she was probably traumatized. But he couldn’t risk not seeing her. Making sure to watch his surroundings as he slowly made his way, the uneasy nervous feeling wriggling around in his stomach. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be doing this. If only his family were there to talk him out of it. The thought of him getting found out and them never knowing what happened to him, why he never came back home. It made him stop momentarily. He was a couple miles out from the shore, looking back towards his home.

He needed her.

Even slower he began to swim for the shore, the dock being his destination. The waves were still slightly angry, but it was a sunny day. His tail sparkled beautifully in the sunlight that beamed through the water. To his surprise, human children were swimming around underwater. His nerves slowly started to rise even more. This was way too risky and foolish. It was like he wanted to be found out.

But what would happen if he did get found out? Would they even care? How did the elders know they were evil?

The voice in the back of his head quickly quieted his voice of reason and he quickly swam for the dock. All the humans around were facing away from the water as the sunlight reflected into their eyes. He took this opportunity to peak his head above the water. The bright flash of red caught his attention. There she was.

She was running around on the shore with her friends, far, far away from the water. Kun felt himself smile as he looked at her laughing. She was okay. Hannah yelled out as Aaron picked her up and threw her over his shoulder before running towards the water. She began to scream which made Kun’s blood boil. How dare he.

He caught himself swimming furiously towards them when Aaron put her down and laughed at her as they walked back to their friends. What was he doing? He was just begging to be caught. Just as he turned to return to his spot he heard a quiet gasp. Turning around, he noticed a small child sitting on the edge of the dock. She had a wide smile on her face and waved at him.

“Mom! Mom look! A mermaid!” She pulled on her mother’s dress.

“Mmhmm sure honey.” The mother didn’t even turn towards her daughter and just patted her head.

“His tail is so pretty!” She squealed, moving towards Kun, falling into the water.

Kun quickly swam forward and grabbed her, much like he did to Hannah. The mother whipped her head around at the splash and immediately leaned down reaching for her daughter.

“Oh my goodness, thank you!” She exclaimed to Kun, taking her from his arms. He saw her eyes look straight at his tail and laughed. “Wow, that looks so realistic. That’s so cool that you swim around in that for the children.”

Kun was speechless. The elders made it seem like as soon as they saw his tail, he’d die. Managing a smile he waved back at the girl and her mother, before looking back at where Hannah was. To his disappointment, she and her friends were packing up their stuff. Just as they all started to walk up the shore, Hannah looked back at the water and they made eye contact. Suddenly Kun got a flash of an image in his mind.

A young mermaid with a seafoam green tail, crying as she held onto her dead mother. The mother’s tail turned black as the night, her skin a dark sickly gray. Suddenly a pair of hands the girl away.

Kun put a hand to his forehead as he came out of the vision, extremely confused. A name stood out to him though. Heiran. He didn’t know where it came from. It felt like it was burned into his brain. His heart began racing. He didn’t know why, but he needed to save the girl.

She was part of his destiny.



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