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Hello hello. I should've uploaded this card a week or so ago, but I've been heavy in thoughts. So here it is. It is long, so if you read through this, then you're MVP of the Community.


So. . . I have been awarded the greatest role ever, and that is President of Cross Gene. It seems like I've held Mod/President position for a long time of these fascinating guys. If you don't know me, I will introduce myself.

꧁ Basics꧂

╭⊱ My name is Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.


Totes Kidding. That's a Friend's Reference to my favorite character.

My name is Aimee.

╭⊱ I'm an older Kpop fan 29 years young, but I've been a fan since 2012. I listened to Jrock in Highschool, starting 2005. My first husband is Gackt.

❧ My Ultimate group from day one, is. . .

You guessed it. Cross Gene.

☆ Story Time ☆

In 2012 I was diagnoses with Cervical Cancer. I was sad, lost, started delving into depression. I turned to my roots and played Jpop, Arashi and the Gazette. From there I saw a recommendation for Kpop. I was curious and clicked on Beautiful Night by Beast/B2ST or what they are now known as Highlight. I was digging everything, from the vocals and beat. There I found Vixx, and then I saw a new group that releases their Debut video on June 7, 2012.

╭⊱ Instant Hearts eyes. {♡~♡}

I was digging what they were throwing out. From the moment I pushed play on the video, they calmed my heavy heart and mind. There was just something about these 6 guys to make me forget what was going around me. I really enjoyed this. I donned them my Guardian Angels. They brought me out of my pit of despair, and started healing my heart. They became a group I fell in love with so hard and to put blankly, they saved me. Over the course of the years, they started showing that not only were they Angels, but they were a group that I could stand behind on. They have always promoted self love, from when Shin did a broadcast simply trying to explain to a mom that went to him for advice, that if the daughter is happy and not doing anything wrong, then she is living the best life she can. To them being supportive for their LGBT followers. They are so humble. Their message of unity via differences is one of their very dimensional characteristics that make them stand out. It's why they're the first group to include a member from every nation of the B3 east Asian countries. They promote women's rights. That a woman doesn't need a man to be her savior, via Noona, You.

Not to mention they've always had fun, unique choreography.

♡ Quite Literally, I believe they're heaven Sent ♡

❧ You will/have probably seen me hanging about in NCT, PENTAGON as an editor. Which I appreciate the beautiful@Halsyeon for allowing me the chance to help her out. ♡

❧ I am President of Lucente & NINETY ONE.

╭⊱ With that being said, I'm quite Multifandom and Proud.

╭⊱ I write as a release. I love to read and write Fanfiction.

I will be unleashing all of my fics soon.

╭⊱ My UBS:

Lee Seyoung & Kim SangminLee Seyoung & Kim Sangmin(Big surprise huh?)(Big surprise huh?)


Batyrkhan Abayuly MalikBatyrkhan Abayuly Malik

(You'll learn about him in my next President Intro card.)(You'll learn about him in my next President Intro card.)

If there's anything else you want to ask, feel free to ask. I look forward to seeing all of you this quarter!

꧁X✮Hearts Council꧂


CandY Dreamers:


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