Advanced Sewing Techniques You Need To Know

You have mastered all the basics? Great, now it’s time for something more advanced. These below techniques are not hard to do, the reason I call them advanced is that they are used less often in sewing, but it doesn’t make them any less handy.

Invisible zipper might sound complicated and scary but installing them can be as easy as a regular zipper. I have been there. I was scared of this but once I mastered the technique, I don’t even want to go back to normal zipper anymore. The invisible zipper looks a lot nicer on garment, pillows, and cushions.

Flat felled seams are common on jeans, just look at the legs of a typical pair and you will probably find this seam there.

This seam is super handy for thicker fabrics. For a project that will fit the body and you don’t want to make bulky seams on them, the flat felled seams are a great choice.

A lot of time you will have to work with projects that the inner side will be showing. In this case, the seam will ensure a neat and clean look.

For flat felled seams, there is a very useful tool called the felling foot. You may know it as a lap seam foot. With this tool, the process will get a lot easier.

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