Amar a Muerte ~~Seokjin

A short story kinda ;] - - - - - - - - - -


Choi Min (from cinderella and the four knight) <3


The three consecutive knocks on the front door echoed through the walls of the small apartment. 

"Hello miss... Miss are you there." The concierge Stern tone revirberated through your ears, causing you to drop the pair of jeans you'd folded this morning to pack up.  You felt the color drain from your body in the form of cold sweat, making you shiver in fear.

He'd warned you to leave before sunrise, that was the deal you intended to keep. You still had a few more hours before your departure. 

As you stayed still he called out for the last time, sliding a ripped piece of paper under the door.

Mr. Lee's footsteps became distant, 'Is he gone' you asked yourself, leaning closer to the door, approaching that small piece of paper left on the door.

Written on the paper a warning "Leave from the back door.

There's a man asking if I know you. He left but could be near by"

There was no time to waste, you had to go and run as far as you possibly could, this had become a custom.

Running from one town to another.

You wouldn't stay in one place for longer than a week.

Constantly changing your name, hair, and look over and over.

'I really started to love this place' you mumbled disappointed and tired.

You pressed your lips together, gazing back at the comfy room you'd made yours during your stay, then picked up the backpack you'd left for this purpose, a sort of makeover bag.

Containing three sets of clothes to change into, in order to avoid suspicion from the people you've had contant with.

"Take the bus 201, it will leave you close to the terminal but whatever you do, don't let the security cameras see your face, he will do everything in his power to find you." Mr Lee grabbed you by the wrist, you followed as he guided you into the fire exit down the hallway.

"Y/N please stay safe" he said, before impulsively locking his lips with yours.

The smooth sensation made the corner of your lips curl upwards. Although there was no emotion behind the kiss from his part, you couldn't help but feel less lonely in this mess you got yourself into. It wouldn't be the first time he'd done it so of course, you were use to it. 

Unusual yes, but It was his way to communicate without speaking. A wave of overwhelming desire and unwanted thoughts gripped your body.

" Will I see you again?" You asked him. 

"Only if you'll allow me to" he answered. A vague response. 

"what's that supposed to mean? you asked pushing aside thoughts you weren't ready to reveal. He could read your thoughts but only as far as you'll allow him to

"I will, don't worry... But you have to leave now Y/N"

Mr. Lee moved back a few steps, breaking the unintentional makeout sesión. Then fixed his tie before leaving you yet again. 

You closed the door behind you, leaving with only a backpack full of your clothes and hair dye. 

Now where it all began you remembered well, it's been years as the memories from long ago scarred you. The physical pain was nothing, it happened in an instant you didn't feel a thing. That is until you opened your eyes, and stood up to dust yourself off. Nit picking wet leaves off your jacket. 

The dead stare on that guys face gave you chills. "I.. I'm alright" you stuttured, waving your arms to get his attention. You called again. But he wasn't staring at you, more like through you. A subtle whisper caused you to jerk your head to the side. As you looked at him again, he pressed the gas reversing the car to make a U turn. What the hell... Why is he driving away? you thought as you looked to your side, there were traces of blood, leading to a body. 

You dropped to your knees, mouth a gapped. There you layed unconscious, in a puddle of blood eminating from your head. A dark fog covering the sky caught your attention and from the corner of your eye stood a man in a dark suite and black rain coat. His blonde hair and broad shoulders made you do a double take. You got a better look at his and his facial features those lips it was surreal. 'Somebody pinch me" you told yourself. He walked towards you. 

back to that rainy autumn day. 

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