Ha Sungwoon Confirmed To Release Solo Album in February

Ok first of all here’s the article:

Second, I just want to rant. I’ve been seeing people EVERYWHERE say that he should go solo rather than return to Hotshot. People seem to think that he’s better than them now, that they don’t deserve him. That is complete and utter bullshit. I’m happy he got exposure from Wanna One, I’m happy he has so many new fans. However, I saw the same thing happen with Taehyun and I saw people throw actual fits when Jelly and I Hate You came out because he’s still in the group. You don’t have to stan Hotshot, but don’t go acting like they’re untalented and beneath him. If Sungwoon ever decides to leave Hotshot and go solo, good for him. But don’t ever badmouth Hotshot. I don’t ever rant like this publicly, but I feel it needed to be said.

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