Kino Week.


We're all familiar with this specimen correct? Correct. Groovy. Okay. So over the years we have seen this Problematic maknae run rampant destroying feels. Here at Pentagon council, we honor all, problematic or not. We do not discriminate. Lucky for him, not me so much since I'm trying to avoid him, we are making this week alllll about Kino.

The following are going to be my favorite Kino moments.


1} Let's talk about the time when Kino was the only lucky one out of his group. The whole situation was a big loving mess. Kino played his cards right and kept his position. He got to admire his group mates going down in flames, while he boasted in the knowledge that he kicked ass during this explosion.

Notable features: Hui looking lost most of the time, EDawns failed high note which put Kino in a laughing fit. Jinho looked like the only organized disorganized member. Kudos to him. Wooseoks little voice crack doing Yanans part was precious too. Edawn shoved Changgu into the next dance part, but Changgu strived from that moment.

2} Or Back in the beginning during Pentagon Maker, when He mastered girl dances and taught the tall ass tree and Hongseok? This was golden. I suggest you watch. He's spectacular.

3} Or let's even discuss when this guy started becoming more rude as the days went on. Team Kino was the bane of my existence during episode 10. Like he was wiggling his way trying to turn my heart from the 9 others. Like scuse you sir, take a number and a seat.

Shhhhh we don't have to discuss my OG bias in TENtagon. That's irreley right now.

4} Last but not least, when Kino became everyone's favorite Beauty Advisor! Yanan was such a good character for trusting Kino. He's such a sweet guy. Although Kino got a little aggressive pushing his head in the water.

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