"Heirs" Episode 20 Video Preview + English Translations

This is it, guys! It’s far from being the best or even a good drama, but it’s still a show I enjoyed. So, it’s sad for me to say that this is the last preview :( Will there be closure for everyone? Will our beloved characters have a happy ending or will some settle for a lonely future? Episode 20 Video Preview Translations (c/o kchild702 & minsunie) Voice of CY?: I believe you have to meet all the shareholders and get the power of attorney. ES: Something happened to the company? KT: You worried a lot huh? I’ll be strong and fight on. YD: So, what happens? Will he get arrested? KW: Are you coming to the temporary shareholders’ meeting? Lady: Are you okay marrying me? HJ: Let’s break up … That’s my wish. HS : Thank you ES for being there during my high school year. (This is not what he said) ES: What in the world? Sounds like you are someone getting ready to leave? KW: Dad’s been selected for termination during the shareholders’ meeting. YD: Mother is the problem whether she spends hundred thousand or not. KT: Help me.

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