Finally! An Introduction Card!

Hey, everyone!! I thought I should finally make an introduction card about myself after how long I've been on here?! LOL

Basic Info:

• I tend to go by: Mochiroon (Mochi) ; Jauturna online

• I'm born in the year 1992

Fun Facts:

• I heard about Kpop before but didn't really get into them until 2013

• B2ST, now called Highlight, was the first group I began to stan. I still love them now LOL

• Then I got into SHINee a year after and EXO after them

•I heard about RM before but I didn't get into BTS until 2018

•I really love his "Joke" and "Do You" MVs but he isn't my bias in that group, if that's what you are wondering

• I also stan MonstaX and BLACKPINK

•I won't say who my bias are but I will say that everyone else is my bias wrecker LOL

•But I am currently planning a fanfic with the BTS members. It's been in the making for almost a year now

•I watch a lot of asian dramas, so feel free to recommend some to me~

•I'm also into a handful of animes

•I also draw manga; creating and developing my own characters

•And, as I have stated earlier, I am planning on making a few fanfics or stories in general. I especially want to try making one of those texting stories!! Lmk if you're interested~ and maybe I'll make a taglist for it?? idk

Well, that's it for now!! Hopefully I will be posting more cards in the future?? I don't know!! But I am on here almost every day, so feel free to speak with me. Also!! If you have Zepeto, feel free to add me [ 52TJGI ]~ We can actually chat in there LOL

I might post a texting story or a one-shot here featuring the BTS members xD

Until Next Time~

Please let me know if I did the tagging(?) for the cards incorrectly! I really do want to participate in the communities that I really like!!

.:| Multi-Fandom |:. .: [K-pop] [Asian Drama] :. .: [Anime] [and many more~] :. I also like to draw and create my own stories~
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