Get to know Zico

Full Name: Woo Ji-ho

B-Day: Sept 14th 1992 (26)

Where did he grow up: Mapo Seoul SK.

Siblings: 2, Taewoon and Woo Jia

Studied: Dong-Ah institute of Media and Arts University (2013-2015)

Zico has spent the last several years as the Leader of Block B under Seven Seasons entertainment. Recently he has started a new chapter in his life.


Zico's specialities in music is Composing, Weaving Melody Lines, and Freestyle Raps!

In 2015 he created his first album and in 2017 he created his next Album Television.


Now his next Chapter in life he is breaking into a new role of Boss and is focusing on creating his own music.


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I'm just your average panda who loves kpop and is addicted to kdramas
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