So sorry it took me so long to update this! theres a lot of stuff going on at home that isn't really all that fun basically they're trying to limit the amount of time of me on the internet because I don't have a job and its because they're trying to make me uncomfortable to find a job and it keeps me on track.....................GUYS MOST PLACES WANT YOU TO APPLY ONLINE SO THEM TURNING THE INTERNET OFF ON ME IS BS....but the brighter side of this is.......they haven't turned my PC off the wifi (they're using the IP Address to turn me off the wifi) and they have it off on the Mac and my iphone but not the pc xD.....so for now until I can find a job and pay bills I'll try to post stuff as much as possible !

UPDATE: nvm they turned the internet off on my pc a few days after I posted this

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I love Anime, I'm obsessed with School Idols and I love to play Love Live and other mobile games.
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