K-Drama Man Crush Monday


Hello K-Drama fans!! It is Man Crush Monday! I am excited for my man crush!! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Park Seo-Joon!!

Just look at that smile! It is not amazing! This wonderful man has been in many drama, while I love them all but here are my three favorite!! The first one is Fight My Way!


In this drama he plays a UFC fighter who loses it all, but he fights his way back to the top even though people doubted him! It is a great drama! The next dram is Hwrang! This is another great drama!!!

I love the old vintage time period! I just love how he looks in this drama and how much you can see his heart in this drama! He plays as a rich, nobleman, even though he is Poot and comes from a poor family! This is a great drama!! The next drama is called A Witch’s Romance!

This is such a great drama! I just love romantic comedy dramas! He plays as a man who falls in love with a girl, who he finds out is a witch! This was my favorite!! I watched it about a hundred times!

Bonus he also played in a drama called She Was Pretty with Siwon! This was a great drama also!!just to see them both in this drama is hilarious!!


Well this is my Man Crush Monday!! Hope you enjoyed!! Have a great Tuesday!!

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