Lets Read together. Part 10

Its the next chapter and surprise ita gonna be with the guys! lol In Namjoons point of view!

Chapter 10

Namjoon View

“Why did Sunny invite me to come with you guys?” Tae asked as we were on our way back up to the studio.

“I don’t know. She could be trying to keep anything from developing” Namjoon shrugged.

“What do you mean by that?” Tae asked confused.

“She doesn’t want to be anything more than friends. I got the feeling that there is something going on underneath that, maybe she’s nervous around guys or maybe she just doesn’t have time-

“She has time, why else would she be coming here so often and Bree told me that she is very cautious when it comes to people” Tae told me. That was a bit shocking. Sunny was a bright soul and seemed to get along with people she just met making them feel comfortable and apart of what was going on. She didn’t leave people out if she could help it.

“I think the main reason she asked you is because it was polite to invite everyone that was present” I stated as I continued my thoughts outloud.

“Yea, but she didn’t invite you, that was Bree” Tae said.

That was true, but Bree was just as nice as Sunny was and a lot more outgoing and outspoken.

“Maybe she saw the way you and Bree were looking at each other” I  Said as he gave him a knowing look. I was changing the subject a little not wanting to dwell on the fact Sunny wasn’t the one to invite me, but that wasn’t going to hold me back from going to lunch with her.

“ How were we looking at each other?” Tae asked confused than he snapped his fingers. “Oh that conspiratating look to get you and Sunny together?” Tae confessed.

“Sure, if that is what your going with” I rolled my eyes. The Bell dinged and the elevator doors opened. The two of us walked toward the studio and back to practice.

The guys were in the room and when they saw us enter with bakery they stopped mid move and came closer.

“What do you have there?”

“Is that something else that girl made?”

“I really shouldn’t eat it!”

“You temptress I’ll get you for this!”

“Why must she feed us more sweets!?”

The guys seemed like they were complaining with words but their body language of taking the box from my hands and before they even finished their sentences were bringing the cupcakes out to eat.

“Sunny made some Gluten free cupcakes for us to try.” I told them.

“She’s nice that way” Jin said. “These are good, Vanilla?” He asked.

“Probably. I didn’t ask what flavor they were” I shrugged.

“ I think I’m in love” Hoseok groaned after finishing his cupcake.

“You have to get in line Hobi” Tae snorted.

“Get in line?” Hobi asked.

“Your not the only one” Tae chuckled.

“Why there’s enough” He started looking for it, “ wait where did they go?” he looked around. “No they’re all gone already?” Hoseok looked saddened.

“Were you talking about the cupcakes?” Tae asked.

“Yea, What did you think I was talking about?” Hoseok asked.

“About a girl” Tae nudge Hoseok while grinning at him and looking over at Namjoon.

“Hey RM, You got a girl?” Hoseok called out baffled.

“RM?” I turned to look at the two of them. I knew what they were talking about and was trying my best to ignore it. Sunny was a friend, but if I tried to correct that the guys would just tease me more.

“The girl who made these cupcakes are you dating her?” Hoseok asked.

“She’s a nice girl in the book club I have been going to” I explained.

“When are you finding the time to do that?” Yoongi asked

“When I should be sleeping” I shrugged.

“And when are you sleeping?” Yoongi asked

“In bed at night. I’m listening to the audio while in the car and whenever I get a chance.” I told him.

“And why aren’t you sharing with us?” Yoongi asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Do you want to read Harry Potter?” I asked him. He took a moment to think about it than shook his head.

“No, not really” He shrugged. “But let me know when your going to read a different book” He added.

“Sure thing, but we are only on the 5th book now, there’s a few more after that” I told him.

“And by the end of the series Hyung wants to have a girlfriend” Tae sang out loud.

“That isn’t the goal for book club” I growled at Tae, walked over and slapped the back of his head playfully. “You wanna know what book club is about?” I teased giving him a noogie.

“Mastering reading, mastering reading” Tae repeated until I let him go.

“Close enough” I laughed.

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