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So Excited yesturday that I got to see these men in concert! The fan interactions they had throughout the concert were amazing! 2 girls got to sing with them then basically get serenaded. They talked about chicago and how cold it is, how much so we have had.

To talk about the concert oh god! started strong as a group then did their individual songs and ended as a group. lol Like every kpop concert they didnt know how to end, they said 3 songs left, did 3, showed a video of bloopers, then came back out and did 2 more songs!

Im basically just talking about concert in after glow! The sadness of it ending. The funny thing is I'll remember this concert as another first, my phone stopped working 20 minutes into the concert after doing photos and videos but after about 2 songs I realized Im seeing them live, in person and not behind a lense. Im gonna enjoy this here and in the moment (plus can always look at photos and videos everyone else took)


These are a few photos from people who were closer.

fam tag! new updated list!

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