i know i’ve been ia recently, but my manager packed on extra hours at work and then just suddenly took the extra hours and then some off of my schedule, i’ve lost a friend to a brain tumor, been forced to drop out of classes due to having no funds (ie the $200 shortage on my paychecks and inability for financial aid), been having car troubles and owe my stepdad $275 for fixing it, and have had some more problems with pst hallucinations reappearing so i’m sorry i’ve been ia but i’ll try my best to pick up the pace with my posting

I'm here to protect Hwang Hyunjin and throw hands at whoever hurts or tries to hurt him. That is my mission in life, to make sure he's always happy and healthy. 💞08/07/17💕
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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