Connect Coffee with kpop Artist

Hi Hi! Its been a beat since Ive done a game for Coffee and its not so much a game but a mix and match!

I gotta give some credit to@VeronicaArtino for finding some of these mugs and brainstorming artists for the quotes!


So we have a couple mugs that have some pretty interesting quotes that will match up with a Kpop artist, and no its not limited to 1 group!

Pick the one you like or could see it fitting your morning mood and see who you come up with!

Oh before I forget, Warning about language!

So are you awake to read the mugs!


Now for the Artist to match their cups!


Coffee Givers! @SweetDuella@Just2BLoved My coffee lovers! @VeronicaArtino@Just2BLoved@MelissaGarza@QueenyCrossGene

fam tag! new updated list!

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