Kpop Chat Guidelines

Hello everyone~ It has recently come to my attention that people are taking the Chats for granted in some of the communities. So I would like to go over some things of what not to do in the Kpop (this goes for NCT & Pentagon too, and I'm positive this fits for other communities too) Chats!

1) Follow All Kpop CMTY Guidelines

You can find those here but essentially don't:

2) Don't Be Irrelevant In The Chat

The Kpop Chat's are for Kpop related chats only. This isn't the place to go on tangents about your life or other interests. I don't want to see people talking about: -Sexual Topics -Explicit Content -Personal Information -Dating (I'm positive there is a dating cmty, go there and talk) -Anything not regarding Kpop You can however, maybe talk about your day shortly before getting right back into Kpop related talks. In the Kpop chats you can talk about any kpop group!

3) You'll Only Be Warned Once

We've had an issue with this in another community. Multiple Presidents got involved and the User still ignored our Guidelines (and Vingles) which has forced us to report the user to Vingle. Please DO NOT follow in these footsteps. Me, my Editors, and Most Other Presidents are like a family. We will not hesitate to report you after one given warning.

- Thanks for reading! Happy chatting in the future! -

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