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NCJM29"Secrets II"

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He found himself, staring at himself, lying naked  among other naked vampires, there were a couple vampires drinking from him, a female vampire was lying between his legs, sucking from the vein in his groin and a male vampire had his teeth sunk into his neck as his eyes were rolled back into his head. He remembered. It was ecstasy.

“Minseok.” He heard himself say. It was like an echo, her voice and the voice in his own memory. “Kim Minseok!” She commanded when he didn't respond.

His eyes rolled back into place, “what…who is that…” he said lazily, lifting his head a little. When he saw who it was, he jumped up, pushing the other two aside, “Bitch…” he managed to say before falling back into the bed. “Go away...I can't deal with you right now.”

“What are you doing here Minseok?” He heard himself ask.

“Go away…” he said again.

He watched himself lay back, pulling the female into his arms, biting into her shoulder, the male vampire also bit into her. She gasped pulling them both closer to her.

“He's been like this for months. It's addicting, I know it is, but there's nothing I can do to stop it. I've already tried to pull him away but he fights with me and makes his way back here.” Toran said.

Xiumin turned to him, he smiled. His old friend. He didn't realize until now that Toran made Aria. It must've been hard for him to remain neutral between him and Aria.

“I know. I've watched a lot of vampires go through this.” He heard Aria's voice say. He stared at himself for a long, he could hear Aria's thought, see what she was thinking. A cage, a cage made of silver to keep him inside until his illness passes. He turned to Toran, “Give me time, I'll contact you when I'm ready.”

He watched her construct the cage which was now sitting behind him, the cage he had put her in. Once it was done, she contacted Toran.

They dragged him out of the den.

He remembers that.

He's kicking and screaming with Toran and Aria. He watches through Aria's eyes as him and Toran are fighting. Aria puts on thick leather gloves and picks up a chain of silver and slips it around him when his back was turned. He screams in pain. Toran grabs him by the legs, and helps Aria hoist him up and away.

For days they stood guard, making sure he didn't escape. They had to purge him. Aria brought him humans to drink from, a couple of them he drank dry. After a while, he started to get better…


As soon as all that he wanted to see was gone, he sat up, coming nose to nose with Jun Myeon, who glared at him right before he slammed him in the face.

Xiumin slid backwards several feet. He shook his head as a tingling sensation took over where his mouth usually is. He bit his lips between his teeth. He kinda expected that to happen at some point when Jun Myeon woke.

“YOU KNEW!!!” Jun Myeon roared.

“I only did it for you… you were going through so much back then, dragging her back here would have just made things worse.” Xiumin said calmly,


“Myeon…” Xiumin breathed, “You were happy until you lost your wife… and the child she was carrying for you. Seeing Aria…”

Jun Myeon leaned his head back, “I wasn't happy, I was content. That life brought me only so much but it wasn't enough. I guess I shouldn't be too mad, you were at least concerned for my well being. But still, your loyalty is questionable.”

“My loyalty is to you, you know that. But… She saved me and I owed her for it. She made one request, as you know, to keep her whereabouts a secret. But I swear, I knew nothing about Lay.”

"You told her not to set foot in Korea ever again." Jun Myeon as he got up. Be walked over to Minseok and put his hand out to help him up.

Xiumin smiled, took it and stood up, “Well… She didn't listen, did she?”


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