Results of D3 K-Hip♥Hop Romance Game

Yo Homies and Home girls,

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Those that are already on Day 3,


haha... Time to see what happen when they came to pick you up,

Down Below are the results of your choices muhahaha.

Now lets see how Simple or Fancy he was:

CAR # 1 - His Personal Car

He actually pulled up to your place in a nice BMW. Nice and Simple way to pick you up, and a bit more faster way to take you to the date he has plane for you.

CAR # 2 - On Foot / Walking

Okay... Yes he picked up you and told you that you'll be walking, BUT humor him. He might be trying to set your guard down. So when he does get you to the date, you'll be even more surprise.

CAR # 3 - Helicopter Ride~

He told you to meet him on the roof top of some business place. The security guy happily escorts you towards the roof. Where your date is waiting for you happily. Now what kind of date does he have in mind.

CAR # 4 - Boat | Yacht party

Okay yes he has you come meet him at the boat yard. Where he is waiting for you on a Yacht. He wants you to enjoy the ride with him, even though it is only the intro to the real date he has plan for the both of you.

I told you I couldn't promise if you would like the outcome or not...

But at least he is trying, possibly a little to hard depending on what you got...


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