Minhyuk Monday

Hello Monbebe! What would you do if this happened to you?

This lovely man walks in and says he would like to take you on a to romantic date

You don’t know where your going, but you go with him

You board a plane and come to a beautiful island!

You look out the window to see the ocean and tables with candles

The plane lands and he takes your hand and he walks you to the table and you sit down to this

He has a candle light dinner waiting for you, with wine

You are amazed that you are even here

He pulls the seat out and you sit and then he walks away and comes back after a few minutes with this

You wonder what is in the package that is neatly in wrapped and you open it to find this

You are surprised! You are joyed with excitement and you don’t know what to say

He looks at you with his pooty lips

What would be your reaction

Comment below and tell me what you would do

Happy Monday

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