Five Amazing Birthday Catering Ideas to Incorporate

Are you planning for a birthday party? You might be thinking of getting crafty or decorating everything by yourself but preparing food for your guests with different tastes and preferences is not an easy task.

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1. Play around a theme

Some amazing and successful parties are organized around a central theme. You can consult experts for birthday party catering Melbourne to create a menu based on the selected theme. Meanwhile, the professional caterers prepare different food according to the preferences of your guests. However, you can even experiment a little with the decorations and food items. For a southwestern theme, you may try to include finger foods, such as armadillo eggs or cilantro chicken skewers. For your sea-themed party, you can freely go heavy on seafood like turf kabobs, panko-crusted shrimp, etc.

For kid’s birthday party, you can think of fun theme like unicorn-theme and adorn the entire house with colourful dining ware and banners. You can go easy on shimmer and glitter while including aesthetic confetti doughnuts and Bundt cakes for dessert.

2. Dessert bars

Speaking of desserts, you can even fill your birthday with sweetness. You can opt for a simple birthday cake but pair it with a customized dessert showcase. Some of the famous dessert items include whoopie pies, cake pops, macaroons, petit fours, mini cupcakes, brownie bites Rice Krispie pops and mini iced themed cookies.

3. Special dietary requirements

For organizing a carefree celebration, you can consider the special dietary requirements of your guests. Try arranging for special food and drink stations according to the special dietary preferences of your guests. You can pick up items like crispy asparagus fries, smoked salmon lollipops, sweet potato, fruit kabobs and avocado bites for your health-conscious guests.

4. Drinks/Beverages

You can even include colourful and palatable drinks that are on the sweeter side, so kids can also enjoy them. Some popular drinks among children are Smoothies, Candy Apple Punch or lemonade with watermelon, pineapple or other fruits. Do consult your catering experts when deciding to customize your beverage menu for kids. For health-conscious guests, you may try including fresh fruity beverages like Pomegranate Juice, Green Tea, Kale Juice, Beet Juice, Lemon Juice or drinks made from low-fat milk.

5. Sensational Salads

Any menu will remain incomplete without perfect salad. So, don’t forget to incorporate a healthy salad station for guests. You can try to include various types of salads consisting of veggies, fruits, chicken, corn and mushrooms, along with tasty whip cream, lettuce, olives, herbs and vinegar to enhance the taste. Even pasta salad or other salads paired up with pepper, cottage cheese or kidney beans are other delicious and healthy meals for your health-conscious guests.

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