AOMG|H1ghr Datin' Game ♥ FINALE! (D6) RESULTS!~

Elo you beautiful Seouls,

If you don't have your the TWO men (1 from AOMG | 1 from H1ghr) Click here >>>

Hope you all enjoy the event~

Now lets see how your valentine day ended.

Will you get the ending you wanted?

RING # 1 - Dating and Expecting

So apparently as you two were dating you ended up becoming pregnant. Though he more excited about it then you expected. He ran straight to his crew and announce the great news.

RING # 2 - Married and Traveling the World

Come on, how could you not be happy here... You're both Married and seeing the world be it on a yacht, flying or in a car. Its so amazing that it could be a dream.

RING # 3 - Dating but have the other's kid

Uh Oh, So apparently before you choose your man, you had 'relations' with the other guy. You were straight with your man and told him you ended up pregnant with is child. He was so chill about it and stay by your side the whole time, while making sure the other was keep up with being a good father. Now that is love in a rare form of way.

RING # 4 - Married with Children

Baby fever is in the air after you two get married, resulting in a beautiful child. You both are so happy to have a family now that even the smallest problems seem to fade away in the wind.

RING # 5 - Dating and Traveling the world

He has you traveling the world with him as you two date. Which makes the world even more magical with everything trip you both take. How could any not enjoy this life style.

RING # 6 - End Up Dating the other Man

Oh Snap! So you choose your man but the other came back and snatched you away. Not that is interesting ... I wonder how that happens to you.



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