The Heirs...Annyeong

OK so the heirs has finally finished,I'm going to miss the drama even though I stopped watching at ep 8 or 9 and just read dramabeans' recaps till the end I'm going to miss all the updates and BTS pictures on here and my twitter page@africaminozfc),it was fun following the broadcast since this is the first kdrama I'll ever follow while its still airing I just mostly watch after the drama has aired. I'm going to miss the characters especially Leebona and chanyoung I'm not going to voice my complaints because if I start I won't finish but anyways the heirs I would miss you,Lee Min HO oppa pls your next drama must be way better and mindblowing and PSH I really don't know and kim woo bin is slowly reeling me in as a fan I hope kang hanuel gets a bigger role soon too The heirs~annyeong

Random K-drama addict,first korean drama ever-Boys over flowers and I was hOoked by the k-drama gods.Love Lee Min Ho.Lee Jong Suk(my bday mate \(^o^)/ ),yoon eun hye,kim hyun joong,gong yoo,Lee Hyun woo(adorable cutie),choi min ho(another cutie),so ji sub's gesticulations (get lost+hand gesture) to mention a few cos I could go on and on and on
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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