Serious Mental Illness Reform Book

Breakdown: A Clinician's Experience in a Broken System of Emergency PsychiatryBreakdown

Is inpatient care too inaccessible to those who need it most? 

Do mental health professionals discriminate against mentally ill patients?

Are more stringent measures needed to ensure that patients take their medication?

Is borderline personality disorder too serious to be classified as just a personality disorder? 

Using vignettes based on real interactions with patients, their families, police officers, and other mental health providers, Lynn Nanos shares her passion for helping this population. With more than twenty years of professional experience in the mental health field, her deep interest in helping people who don’t know how to request help is evident to readers. 

A woman travels from Maine to Massachusetts because she was ordered by her voice, a spirit called "Crystal," to make the trip.

A foul-smelling and oddly dressed man strolls barefooted into the office, unable to stop talking.

A man delivers insects to his neighbors' homes to minimize the effects of poisonous toxins that he says exist in their homes.


Breakdown: A Clinician's Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry (, my book on serious mental illness reform, got published in October 2018. After graduating from Columbia University with a Master of Science in Social Work, I was an inpatient psychiatric social worker. I've been a mobile emergency psychiatric social worker for over ten years.
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