Vingle Love Part 2

Lets give a round of applause  for the people who made these community come alive and flourish!


the previous part one of recognition was well recieved and have the next part showing some love for more music groups and people!! Were gathering the groups that have members between 100 members and 1000 members!


The community leaders do alot and they put their time and effort into monitoring and putting up cards that are both fun and informative. So these cards are to give them some recognition and love for what they are doing!!

There are 15 community on this list! Alot of communities were very small at the start of their semester. some of them started under 100 members and now look at how they have flourished!!!


Zico     269 members,President @SweetDuella 


Jenni (BlackPink)    274 members, President @jungkookieeeee


Lisa (BlackPink)     280 members @jungkookieeeee  is the President


Seungmin (Straykids) 287 members @kangyoochans is the president


Rose (Blackpink)    322 members, The President is @jiminxchimmy


KNK   363 Members, The President @Clakpop 


Dprlive      433 members with @DefSoul1994 is the president! In just 5 days she had  18 more  members


h1ghrmusic   434 members. @Royalpandajedi is the president


Kai(Exo)        438 members @EXOjummafan is tye pesident


Astro    462 members with the president being @eswee      

~~~~~~~~☆☆☆☆☆~~~~~~~~ Sehun(EXO)    490 members and has the president being @EXOjummafan


Hotshot   454 members raised to 513 and within 5 days has gotten 59 new members! Go you @MaeLyn


SF9 ,    564 members and has recently gotten 70 new members! The president is @jisungthings  


Choi Youngjae        865 members The presidnt is @MelissaGarza   


YeonJungkook,   844 member the president is @Jeonraeyoo she got 53 more members in a week ~~~~~~☆☆☆☆~~~~~~

fam tag! new updated list!

@SugaKookieV@StefaniTre @SimplyAwkward@Starbell808@SerenaArthurs@Sugasadamsapple@BabydollBre @WinKonVIP   @Taekookimonster @ESwee@Just2BLoved @QueenPandaBunny  @Yugykookie97@kpopandkimchi @VKookie47@MelissaGarza @VeronicaArtino @tinafalcon22@tigerlily84@Taekookimonster  @JaxomB @divanicola05 @ynsamgwlk@rchacon19@cns1391 @PolarStarr @rocklvr@BTSARMYBOI@QueenyCrossGene@Just2BLoved@VeronicaArtino@BTSMicdrop


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