5 Sunscreens You Should Not Be Using

1. Panama Jack Continuous Clear Sunscreen Spray: The UVA protection with this sunscreen is poor and the health concerns are high. It contains oxybenzone, which is a chemical linked to allergies and hormone disruption. It also can destroy coral reefs when it washes off our bodies and into the ocean. It’s a lose-lose situation. 2. Vichy Laboratories Capital Soleil Sunscreen: Although the stability and UVA/UVB balance is effective in this sunscreen, it still contains 6% oxybenzone. Other ingredients include avobenzone, which has been under some scrutiny. Some studies have shown that it breaks down in sunlight, while others show it as being stable. 3. Trader Joe’s Nourish Spray Sunscreen: It’s easy to reach for the spray, but studies have shown that lotions provide better coverage. People have also been known to accidentally inhale the spray, which can have damaging effects to your lungs. The Trader Jones Spray Sunscreen also contains 6% oxybenzone. 4. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Broad Spectrum Sunscreen: The Neutrogena sunscreen contains oxybenzone and misleading SPF. Suprisingly some of the most popular brands are the worst offenders on the EWG list. 5. Any Walgreens brand sunscreen: Most Walgreen brand sunscreens contain Vitamin A, which, according to some studies, may speed the development of skin tumors when combined with sunlight. The evidence is not definitive but definitely troubling. Most dermatologists recommend that consumers avoid ingredients such as Vitamin A, retinyl palmitate and retinol when choosing a sunscreen.

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