#002 - What is CryptoBadge?

CryptoBadge is a certificate system that enables people to tokenize their unique merits such as achievements, experiences, and contributions. By tokenize, we mean you can permanently store the bits of your experiences on the blockchain. It’s verifiable and eternal.

We all know that we are worth much more than what our transcripts or resume can show. Every single moment that we pour out our passion composes our life, our pride, and our memories, and it is these moments that help define who we are. We wish to let you build the diary of your life by collecting tokens of all kinds, from achieving Champion Level at Clash Royale, completing a triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, tasting a limited edition wine in a private winery, visiting 500 travel destinations, donating to UNICEF, to supporting a famous idol group, BTS.

Beyond traditional certificates such as diplomas and licenses, CryptoBadge can capture a variety of certifiable values and let you build your personal brand. What do you think? Imagine freely, share badge ideas, and offer your vision for how CryptoBadge could evolve and change the world!

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