About Kangwon Land

Characteristics of Kangwon Land

Currently there are 17 casinos operating in Korea, 16 of which are foreigners only, except for Kangwon Land, and it is impossible for Koreans to enter and play facilities for gambling.

However, Kangwon Land Hotel & Casino is the only domestic casino in Korea designated by special law. In the future, you can feel the fantastic atmosphere that you could see in foreign countries at Kangwon Land Hotel & Casino


The only domestic and domestic largest foreign and foreign casino

Kangwon Land Casino is the largest casino in Korea, including 180 table games, slot machines and 1,360 video games. It is the only casino in Korea that allows both locals and foreigners to enter and exit.

Gangwon Land Casino's gorgeous and magnificent interior decor, friendly and courteous dealer service, free tea and beverage service, casino buffet and VIP lounge will provide you with a pleasant and healthy game culture in a relaxed and comfortable environment. can.

Beginner's Guide

Are you new to casino?

From the method of exchanging the chip when using the game to the method of using the machine game, I would like to tell you the most question of your question.


When using a table game, how do you change chips to play games with chips?

Yes. In the casino, you can play table games with various chips.

But if you want to save the chip, you do not know how to get it? The method is simple.

Simply hand cash to the dealers at each table and say 'please exchange for a certain amount of chips' and you can simply exchange cash for chips.

I want to use a machine game, but I do not know where I can sit and do it. Can I sit anywhere?

Yes. You can sit in an empty seat and play a game.

However, if there is no "Game Available" lamp on the top of the machine, or if there is a credit on the machine, please call the staff and proceed to the game.

To play a machine game, do you need to change chips or coins to dealers?

no. Our Kangwon Land casino machine game allows you to play with your cash bills.

If you put your cash in the bill slot, the credit will go up. In addition, machine tickets that are withdrawn during the game can be re-inserted into the machine or other machine.

There is a drink machine in the middle of the casino, where do I pay?

You do not have to pay a fee. This beverage machine is a free drink that you can freely use while you are at our casino.

You can use our cups located around the beverage machine to use our casino without paying any amount.

Can I take casino chips as a commemoration?

Yes. You can take any of the remaining chips you have exchanged.

Also, you can bring the chips you had during your next visit and reuse them at any time during the period.

Purchase tickets (admission tax)

Tickets must be purchased at the casino information desk. The entry tax of 9,000 won is composed of 6,300 won for individual consumption tax, 1,890 won for education tax, and 810 won for value added tax.


Kangwon Land requests minority and local residents to present their ID card in order to restrict their access. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Foreign nationals and overseas migrants under the foreign law of this country are exempted from the entry tax according to the Individual Consumption Tax Law and are required to submit an identification card [passport, permanent residence certificate, and resident registration card (a copy of the resident registration card) please.


Casino Entry ID Required Items

- Domestic ID cards can be resident ID cards, driver's licenses, etc. You can not use your passport, national certificate or other ID card because you can not check your residence.

(However, after confirming whether it is possible to attach a resident registration card and family relationship certificate within 3 months after issuance,

Customer rejected admission

- Minors (under 19 years old) / Local residents / Casino accessors / Safety management compliance violators / Drinking customers (based on our drinking detectors) / Monthly customers

Casino access days

- Casino visitors can not enter the casino more than 15 days in a month.

In addition, if you enter the casino for 15 consecutive months for 2 consecutive months, enter the casino for more than 30 days for the first quarter, or enter the casino for more than 30 consecutive quarters for the second consecutive quarter, you must complete compulsory education for high1 resort card and compulsory prevention of addiction. It can be rejected.

※ If the number of casinos exceeds the number of days of admission, it will be rejected for 1 month after the first month, 2 months after the second month,

What is casino access restriction?

It restricts access to the casino in accordance with the Casino Terms and Conditions and Casino Access Control Guidelines. Access restrictions are divided into Family Requests, Personal Requests, and General (Regulation Violations).

Restricted access to family requests

Asking family members (spouses and direct line attendees) not to enter the casino

Direct lineage: grandparents, parents, children

Restricted access

Asking yourself not to enter the casino yourself

General (violation of regulations) Access restriction

A violation of regulations is confirmed as fact and access is limited

EX) Seat trading, violation of betting rules, turmoil, assault, bond sales, profanity to employees, sexual harassment, etc.

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