Rm Friday: Texts/Snapchats while on tour

Hi all! Veronica here bringing you some snapchats I found on Pinterest... HOPE YOU ENJOY

your texts to namjoonyour texts to namjoon

babe, are we going to get together before you leave?
awe, babe I didnt mean right now

jagi, i was already on my way to surprise you for a walk

you and rm enjoyed the little walk knowing it may be months before you get to see him again. The world tour added stops at the ast minute and you truly did understand his busy schedule. You also enjoyed every moment you spent with him and appreciated it even more.

After your walk you both headed to watch the sunset together.

feeling sentimental you uploaded to your snapchat^^

you parted ways shortly after the sunset due to him needing rest before getting up way early to leave.

the next morning RM sent you snapchat

when you woke up and saw that you immediately smiled.

babe I already miss you. good morning. have a safe flight

you get about your day knowing you wont here a response back anytime soon.

hours later you and rm text back and forth on his break. but It was an after he told you had to go to rehearsal that you receive a surprise text

that sad

thinking of you jagi and...

then a moment later your snapchat notification goes off.

what exactly do you want me to show you? my feet

he resinds back in the way you knew he would

babe that is why you love me
because you always make me smile. now get back to work I need sleep.

goodnight jagi. I love you too.

days go by. you and Namjoon super busy but only send out simple texts of thinking of you and I miss yous texts. sprinkled in there are I loves yous. both your hearts earn to be near each other. You where having a particularly bad day and on the verge of tears when snapchat notification pops on your phone.

You open it and see it's from your babe, the love of your ife, the light of your soul

You start to sob even harder. you respond with

I wish I was with you too

a few minutes later after you pressed send your phone rings. You answer with a raspy voice


immediately Namjoon can tell you where crying

"baby, what's wrong?"

the sound of his voice opens the dam inside you even more. He listens and his heart slowly breaks with the sound of crying and sobbing. He so desperately wants to be near you to wrap you in his embrace. he tells you this. he starts to sing to you. You begin to calm down.

Once the sobs resided you begin to. tell him about your bad day. How everything seems to be going wrong how at work you keep making mistakes. How your coworkers are making a big deal out of everything and saying hurtful comments about you and your work and how you just really miss him and how you miss your family and that you feel so alone.

After you unleashed on these emotions on him. you start to smile.

"I didnt realize how much I needed to hear your voice babe. I really miss you and love you. I feel 70% better after unloading everything. Tell me about you."

he chuckles and tells you hes glad that you feel better. Not to worry about work. That everyone has bad days even him. He had one yesterday. You asked why his day was bad yesterday. He explained he broke his phone case. He was having difficulty with a part of the choreo and that he really missed you and his family as well. You both exchange I love yous and hang up and get back to work.

Before you head in you open the snapchat notification and see

which made you smile brighter and filled your heart with so much warmth, love and confidence.

The rest of day went better. You decided to shop a new phone case for him. Then you drop it off at BigHit and they stated they would ensure it gets in his hands. You were thinking he would get it once he came back from the tour. Though much to your pleasant surprise a week later you get a snapchat from Namjoon

You smile brightly take a pic and send it back.

weeks go by with phone calls,texts back and forth and you where counting down to the small break rm will have for about a two week period.

on his break he sends

you immediately call him.

"hello jagi"


he chuckles at your excitement. you spend two weeks with him before he leaves again.

two weeks after he left you sent him a text saying you missed him and where ust having a hard day. he respond knowing that you need to see his face

and then sends an additional text

listening to our song and thinking of you before I head up on stage. love you

you think to yourself how you deserve someone so beautiful and precious.

after the tour was all finish, it was Namjoon that had to wait for you to come back from seeing your family in the states.

You sent him a text message that your plane landed and that your all settled in your apartment.

You where about to send another text when a Snapchat notification pops up. You chuckle

of course I'll come over. Maybe we can cuddle too?

of course baby cuddles can definitely fit in this night somewhere. bring clothes. I'm not letting you out of my sight tonight.

your heart palpitating at this innuendos. awe. how much you love him

The next morning at work you receive a text.

Jagi you stole something of mine when you left here this morning.

no I didnt. I made sure I didnt steal your hoodie even though I wanted to.

No baby you stole something important.

You though about it but didnt have to wait for long

I love you too. But babe you stole my heart first.

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