Welcome to the CryptoBadge!

1. Introducing CryptoBadge and getting your first CryptoBadge!

CryptoBadge is a collectable certificate that is verifiable, eternal, and universally shared. CryptoBadge lets people identify themselves through badge collections that represent their expertise, achievements, contributions, and hobbies.

Receive your first CryptoBadge and learn more about the CryptoBadge project here

2. Why Project CryptoBadge chose to align with Vingle Community System?

We chose to ally with Vingle because it is a community platform that not only has all the essential functions to host communities, but also it is aggressively adopting a smart governance system to support REAL community autonomy.

Community needs a lot more than just content discovery or messaging. Vingle supports various content types (text, images, videos) and provides easy ways to systematically label and organize content, archive Q&As, recognize contributors vs. trolls, create chat rooms, and last but not least, to make collective decisions.

Vingle provides a smart governance system where members of each community can run their community autonomously by electing staff members, organizing information, designing privileges and penalties, and more.

To see Vingle’s current governance features

Vingle will also allow its communities to add a variety of badges and positions so that each community can create their own badges and governance structure, which we are very excited about!

3. About Vingle’s CryptoBadge Community


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CryptoBadge is a blockchain-based certificate system. CryptoBadge lets people identify themselves through expertise, achievements, and contributions. You can learn more about CrpytoBadge here! https://bit.ly/2GHPytV
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