[Mature Content] SBS Confirms Seungri and Jung Joon Young's Chat Room is Real

Here is a translation of the SBS broadcast confirming that Seungri's chatroom sharing videos of girls filmed without their knowledge is real and that the celebrity phone leak is from Jung Joon Young's phone. Here are his chats (these are not directly involving Seungri but many other celebrities still not officially named)


- SBS 8PM News team confirmed that the Kakao messages were not fake though Seungri continued to state there was no such thing. After much consideration the team decided to release the celebrity the leaks came from. (Jung Jun Young)

- Jung Jun Young had multiple chats where he shared files.

- He told his friend Kim the following December 1, 2015

Jung Jun Young: I slept with XX Kim: Do you have a video? Jung Jun Young: (sends file)

- He told other that he sex and filmed it without consent

- Jung took private pictures & videos of a room salon host and shared it with fellow celebrities. The picture of the sleeping host was taken and sent it various celebrities including celebrity "Lee"

Jung Jun Young: (video) Jung Jun Young: I had sex in a public place Jung Jung Young: I’m trash Singer Lee: Enjoy it as much as you can when you can

Note – JJY speaks informally while Lee speak formally to him meaning JJY is probably older and Lee is younger

- There are 10 months worth of files starting from 2015 (doesn't mean consecutive 10 months but 10 months worth)- The women in the hidden camera videos that SBS could confirm is 10 (there are many more)

- Not only were there hidden camera files from celebrities but also from non celebrities within the chat rooms

- Singer Choi has also shared videos

- It's known that the police received not only the Kakao chats and the illegal hidden cameras, but they are only investigating the prostitution and not the illegal filming of hidden cameras

Celeb Kim: Your house? JJY: Yeah JJY: Didn't I send the video? Celeb Kim: You did JJY: LOLz Celeb Kim: Saw it

Note – both speak informally to one another meaning they are probably friends

- The female that was filmed in 2015 was scared the video was released so didn't report it and asked for the video not to be shared

Victim: If I were like other girls I would have reported it Victim: Please tell your friend kindly... (to not share it)

This conversation isCONFIRMEDto by Junhyung of HIGHLIGHT.

JJY: I was caught sending the video JJY: LOLz Singer Yong: You got caught by that girl? JJY: Yeah LOLz JJY: Man if only I didn't get caught with the video JJY: I pretended to be dating her and had sex Kim: LOLz

2016 February 28th Kakao

JJY: Video Singer Lee: Who is it lol JJY: As soon as I saw er today I had sex in a public place Singer Lee: Lol that's hilarious lol Singer Lee: That's hardcore lol I admit it

- JJY basically announced his various sexcapades with various celebrities

2015 December 26

Singer Lee: Give me the video. Hurry. JJY: I didn't film a video

2015 December 23

Kim: Tell me the details Kim: Video go JJY: Challenge accepted

2015 December 14

Singer Lee: Excited JJY: I'll take video for you Singer Lee: Lolz

2015 December 25

JJY: Take pictures with the camera shutter off JJY: Let's record it Kim: I'm done Kim: I recorded too

Victim that found out her video was shared with others

"Hidden video..I was angered and left." "Of course I feel really crappy and hate it. (At that time) there were celebrities in the chat room."

- Proving that it is impossible or the files to have been fabricated by talking to specialists

- Tomorrow SBS 8PM News will report on how JJY's issue was not investigated

End of the SBS 8PM News report translation (translation source

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