Zico's past comments about Jung Joon Young's 'golden phone' regains attention

Jung Joon Young's 'golden phone' is regaining attention following the hidden camera controversy. 

MBCRadio StarKakaoTalk "It's only for emergency," "There are many people there like a pokemon collection." 

(At the time, people thought he meant many people in the contacts, but netizens are getting a different idea following the recent hidden camera issue).

"You don't have that phone anymore, do you?" "I do. I do but.." 

"Zico comes over to my house, and asks, 'Hyung where is the golden phone?'" 

"At the time I wondered why would Jung Joon Young react that way while just talking about a phone with many contacts but now I understand.." "Golden phone was the collection phone," (where he kept his secret videos)(where he kept his secret videos) "This is disgusting," "So Zico watched everything too..."

Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young revealed to have distributed hidden camera footage of at least 10 women in a group chat, which included fellow male celebrities. 

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