🇪🇸Why do you like Valencia?

One of the questions I was asked the most:

‍"Do you like Valencia? Why do you like Valencia?"

I believe this is one of the frequently asked questions when you are in a foreign country.

I always reply with a "Hahaha, I love it~because…because of the buildings, the sun...(oh my‍! I can't come up with an answer!)"


people living their life, enjoying their life!


During Fallas, it might sound crazy that EVERY DAY (20 days), at 2pm they have those massive Firecrackers/ Fireworks (not even counting the ones at night)!


--What I love the most is that

☝Those who attend, are from maybe 1~ 80 years old!

✌Adults won't think their children are too young to experience this massive crowd and noise, kid u have to be tough

Although you have to wait for maybe more than 1 hour, some elders just bring their chair and Pipas (sunflower seeds) , just chill and wait

Even during the week, people will take time out from their Siesta just to see the fireworks (you know how "important" siesta is)


And the parades on the streets, it is not just with teenagers, but also middle aged people!


--For me this is so inspiring, I can feel their vibe and how they are enjoying their life!!

Am I just being alive or am I living my lifeAm I just being alive or am I living my life


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